The Superstring Theory

In this article, Daniel Fryday from St Mary\’s Catholic School in Bishops Stortford, gives you an introduction to the Superstring Theory.
The Superstring Theory is a way in which scientists attempt to explain all of the fundamental particles and forces of nature.
The Superstring Theory is an idea that explains how our universe is just one in a long string of others. This concept can be used to solve many of our problems in our universe.  For example if we get stuck in a situation in which we could be erased from existence and are universe with it; the superstring theory says that there may be a wormhole in are universe in a shape of Calibi-Yau .
This would then enable us to then travel through time and space in to another dimension in which we then come into contact with another universe however the universe in which we might come into contact with, could be exactly like ours with our exact replica’s and could then lead into an alteration in the other universe which would then result in an alteration in the timeline.
The strings made of matter are complex objects which require a highly specific form of long-chain inter-atomic bonding (mostly carbon based). This would be difficult to implement even if the physics parameters of our universe were tweaked. This complex bonding gets even more complicated when you add in elasticity. In short, a real vibrating string could be the answer to our most complex physics laws and problems. These strings are pure mathematical abstractions.
Calabi-Yau spaces are important in string theory, where one model posits the geometry of the universe to consist of a ten-dimensional space of the form M x V where M is a four dimensional manifold (space-time) and V is a six dimensional compact Calabi-Yau space.
As there could potentially be a “wormhole” this could then mean that we could use several ways to get there, such as: the ISS; so we could travel through space to reach it. In which would could then use the resources on board to enable us to start new life in the different universes; if there is not already.
However due to Quantum Entanglement, there could still be an interconnection between particles through different universes therefore we could still be able to communicate with living organisms from our own universe.

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  1. Hakan Doğan SAVCI

    1. Movement is not possible
    2. There is nothing but energy, therefore there is no matter.
    3. The universe began with a crush. We are experiencing the redistribution phase of trapped energy.
    4. Various types of knots created by the extremely compressed energy in the universe (so called strings) cause the perception of different matter particles.
    5. Each string works like a micro teleport gate with two ends connected to a different string.
    6. As a result, the universe we perceive is a universe of bubbles formed only by string ends.

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