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The Big Bang Theory is the most widely accepted theory regarding the formation of the universe. It was discovered that the universe is moving away from us in all directions, that is, expanding at a tremendous rate. This concept has been verified with the redshift of galaxies and the cosmic microwave background. At the very […]

Just Streetlights?

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Abstract: A photocell is a light dependent resistor which is most resistive when the brightest light is illuminated on its surface and least resistive when little to no light is illuminated on its surface. In that sense, a photocell is a meter for the intensity of light. Figure 1: Picture of a photocell “photocell-2” by […]

On the Future of Sustainable Design

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View Post Abstract This paper is a general roundup of underused elements for sustainable building design. The results of several simulations revealed strategies for designing energy-efficient, financially viable, and aesthetically acceptable buildings. The less conventional ideas include radiation absorption through the colour of roofs and walls, minimization of the surface-area-to-volume and ground-area-to-volume ratios, and the […]