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Exobiology – The Hunt for Extra-Terrestrial Life

Martian Soil

This article discusses astrobiology, the study of life within the universe. Here, the origins of life within the universe are considered and the most likely celestial objects, in which humans may encounter life, are examined.

Hydro electric

Hydro electric

Theme: Energy Award: N/A Photographer: eleanor bennett Torrs Hydro is a micro hydroelectric scheme, owned by the community, in New Mills, Derbyshire. It is located on the River Goyt, immediately after its confluence with the River Sett at the Torr weir. A 2.4-metre diameter reverse Archimedean screw generates 70 kW of electricity. It provides a […]

Frozen Witchhazel, Ice Storm 2012


Theme: Energy Award: N/A Photographer: Sabrina Tapp In January we had a severe winter storm in our town. People were calling it, the snowpocalypse! Our power went out for three cold days, but we managed to get by. Since the roads were icy, my friend and I walked to the store. I noticed some Witchhazel […]

Water Droplet

Theme: Energy Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Kyle Meadows This is a new type of photography to me. I found it fascinating to freeze action and see the result of drops of liquid hitting another liquid. I had looked at many slow motion videos of this, yet i wanted to try photographing it. The purpose of […]

A Goal

Theme: Energy Award: N/A Photographer: Izzy England It must have taken a lot of work to get up there. I watch as a encouraging grandfather stands below shouting out different holds in the rock. I know this boy can do it. At the tender age of eight every muscle in his body is working to […]


Theme: Energy Award: N/A Photographer: Izzy Harris The theme ‘energy’ gave me lots of ideas, and as a keen photographer, I was excited at the prospect of trying to present this theme in an interesting way. Fire was believed to be an element by the ancient greeks and is still associated with energy in modern […]

Lightning at Night

Theme: Energy Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Stephen Smith This photo was taken along with several others during a lightning storm that happened almost two years ago, I went outside with my camera, mounted it on a tripod, and set it to take a photo every second or so. Lightning is caused by the buildup of […]



Theme: Energy Award: N/A Photographer: Richard Mu Niagra Falls is the second-largest capacity hydroelectric power plant in the United States. Second only to Grand Coulee Dam, it has a capacity greater than that of Hoover Dam. The Robert Moses Niagra Hydroelectric Power Station was the most powerful hydroelectric plant in the Western Hemisphere at the […]

Into the Sun

  Theme: Energy Award: Runner-Up Photographer: Crystal Ng Pei Qi Solar energy is energy that is present in sunlight. It has been used for thousands of years in many different ways by people all over the world. As well as its traditional human uses in heating, cooking, and drying, it is used today to make […]

Grand Canyon at Sunrise

Grand Canyon at Sunrise

Theme: Energy Award: N/A Photographer: Maya Kolade The Grand Canyon is one of the greatest wonders of the world. It evolved naturally into an amazing feature of the American landscape through the erosion of the rocks by the river. I think this shows the theme ‘energy’ well as it took millions of years for the […]

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon

Theme: Energy Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Ellie Powell I took this picture last year on holiday in Egypt. We were going on a balloon ride and it was necessary to arrive there early in the morning before the sun had risen. Before the balloon ride, I could see the balloons being set up. The balloons […]

Light from a Gherkin

Theme: Energy Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Adam Shortall I took this photo purely to show off how the sunlight had reflected off of the Gherkin, London. The image is in no way edited other than a few contrasts and brightness tweaks. When I was at the scene I consciously took the photo in black and […]

The Unique Purple of Chemistry

Theme: Energy Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Gwen Lam Oxidation of finely dispersed aluminium with iodine can be initiated using drops of water. The reaction is strongly exothermis, producing a lot of heat energy. The excess iodine vaporises, forming a deep violet vapour. The reaction is : 2Al(s) +3I2(s) –> Al2I6(s) Anhydrous aluminium halides, such as […]

Making Fire!

Theme: Energy Award: N/A Photographer: Verity Kelly This picture shows my cousin (Tom) and his friend (Johnny) using friction to create energy to create some embers which they can then use to light the bonfire. I chose to take this picture as I thought it was interesting to look at the old method of creating […]

Neon Beams

Theme: Energy Award: Winner Photographer: Emma Dyson My inspiration for this photo was electric energy. I wanted to find a way to photograph this energy since it is hard to view. I remembered when I was little in science lessons there would be a plasma ball. I was always interested in the vibrant currents of […]

Dancing Light

Theme: Energy Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Emilie de Bree This is a picture of a spinning disco ball taken in a dark room, which is really emphasising the movement of light. It shows a mixture of light energy, kinetic energy, electrical energy, and also a bit of sound and heat energy, though those aren’t as […]

Reversed Energy

Theme: Energy Award: N/A Photographer: George Finch The stag beetle is eating the leaves to gain the loss of energy flying and walking to the food but the stag beetle mainly gets its energy from when it was in its larvae form. Stag beetles also eat the sap that comes from trees and can be […]

Flower and Power

Theme: Energy Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Lauren Farrow This photo shows how energy is used everywhere. The pilon transports engery and this is a man made form, whereas the plants in the oil see rape field, use energy from the sun. I believe that this photo captures a range of aspects of energy; the pilon […]

Lightning lit trees in a storm

Theme: Energy Award: N/A Photographer: Edward Vinson This was taken while driving back from Switzerland. It is a picture of some windswept trees lit up by a lightning flash in the middle of a storm taken from a moving vehicle. It was in the middle of a storm and the clouds and the time of […]

Sun Halo

Theme: Energy Award: Highly Commended Photographer: Kiran Thapa Whilst on vacation abroad, I was able to capture this ephemeral moment. What is pictured, is known as a sun halo, which is an optical phenomenon. It forms as sunlight is refracted through cirrostratus clouds, which are mainly composed of small ice crystals. It is the small […]