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The reintroduction of hypnosis

The Science behind hypnosis isn’t necessarily figured out as there is still very much a phenomenon. However, the general idea of hypnotism has recently been reintroduced here in the U.K through Derren Brown. He captivated the country by sticking the audience to their seats,(literally), his success without supposed subliminal messaging is great for the typical spectator, …

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Grain Strain

Grain Strain created by [url=]Science Museum[/url] Use machines to get the grain in the bucket. Not Working? Play at the [url=]Science Museum Website[/url]


Launchball created by the Science Museum The Science Museums Award Winning game for 8 year olds and up. Get balls from the starting position to the goal by using components such as fans, conveyor belts etc. WARNING this game gives you the option to create an account, this is not an YSJ feature and will …

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Submit an Article

Article Submissions are now closed over the Holiday Season. Article Submissions will re-open working week beginning January 3rd  2017. If you are preparing an article for submission you will require: Your scientific (or related article) in word document format – with all figures inserted as high quality images and full references in the Chicago Style. A …

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