Comparison of optogenetics with bipolar electrode stimulation as a method to measure conduction velocity through axons

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Signal transfer has an important role in the human body: without communication between cells, many processes such as action or perception could not take place. Rapid communication between cells largely goes via the nervous system. Through a mechanism in which a difference in voltage is created by diffusion and conduction of ions, nerve cells can […]

The Effectiveness of Vestibular Substitution via IMU Based Tactile Feedback

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Abstract The concept of sensory substitution involves supplying sensory stimuli through a sensory modality usually used for gathering different sensory data. An example of this would be echolocation in blind humans. It is usually our eyes which help us decide how far away objects are, by processing the sensory stimuli we receive visually. However, in […]

An introduction to Malignant Hyperthermia

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Abstract: This report discusses malignant hyperthermia. It will detail the diseases pathophysiology, history, clinical manifestation, epidemiology as well as the genetic factors in being susceptible to malignant hyperpyrexia and its treatment during the perioperative period using dantrolene. Introduction – What is MH? Malignant Hyperthermia, Malignant Hyperpyrexia or MH, is a severe, potentially lethal reaction to […]

The Effectiveness of Guided Art Therapy on Mood in the Elderly

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  Niharika Burugapalli Abstract: Art therapy allows individuals to creatively explore emotions, positively impacts mental state and cognition, and increases resilience and self-esteem through its restorative properties. Many previously performed studies affirm the effectiveness of art therapy on a range of people from cancer patients to the elderly with varying levels of cognitive decline. The […]

Should all healthcare be free?

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According to this article from, free healthcare provides a sense of safety to the residents of a country. People can access life-saving care that they require without the need to pay for their treatment after recovery. However, allowing all patients to access all healthcare is somewhat unviable and, therefore, a balance between health equity […]

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The expanding cosmos

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ABSTRACT   For centuries, mankind’s understanding of the universe was mainly informed through religious beliefs. It was not until the 20th century, when Einstein published his paper on General relativity, in 1917, that humanity began to understand the nature of the universe in scientific terms. Einstein’s work not only formed the backbone of physical cosmology […]

Changing the Public’s Perspective on Mental Illness

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Illustration by Laura Evans, Nifty Fox Creative This image depicts a depressed individual and someone lending her a helping hand. Abstract Negative stigmatizing views of mental illnesses have always been prevalent amongst the general public, as well as in healthcare settings. Stemming from largely misguided assumptions and stereotypes, such stigmatizing views have isolated people with […]

S. aureus alpha toxin mutants: efficacy through genetic manipulation

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Abstract Since the 1960’s the MRSA bacterium has been a global epidemic. MRSA, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, is a type of bacterium that resides on and inside humans. Because of the usage of antibiotics to treat this, selection and procreating of mutating methicillin-resistant bacteria remains a continuous threat. An alternative against the plague of resistant bacteria […]

Analysis of and Solutions for Disengagement in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): Literature Review

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Abstract Despite their promises of democratising learning and revolutionising higher education, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) continue to suffer from many drawbacks, the most concerning of which are high disengagement rates. Currently, anywhere upwards of 90% of students fail to graduate from most enrolled courses7. In order to investigate the reasons for such high attrition […]


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Abstract Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a progressive, debilitating, neurodegenerative disorder affecting millions around the world. But can it be cured? This article aims to introduce Parkinson’s disease: explaining its causes, symptoms, and the current treatments available.  It also evaluates some possible cures under research and development– their mechanisms, advantages, and disadvantages — for a disease […]

The relationship between musical structures and birdsong

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Abstract Birdsong has inspired musicians from around the world for many years. These vocalisations are produced by the avian voice-box: the syrinx. Research has discovered many links between music and bird vocalisation through the comparison of musical elements to bird songs and calls. Using the best Run The Music instruments like violin and piano can […]

Photoelectric Effect: A Simple Application

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Photoelectric Effect: A Simple Application Konstantinos Angelopoulos Abstract Research was conducted on the phenomenon of the emission of electrons from the surface of certain metals when illuminated by light. The purpose of this work was to observe the change in the value of the electric current produced, depending on the distance between the lamp and […]

The Effect of Ion-Exchange Resins on the Removal of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

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By: Marina Karki : Abstract: The burning of fossil fuels releases millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year creating a current atmospheric concentration of over 400 ppm [1]. This high concentration level leads to the melting of sea ice, ocean acidification and wide array of problems that go underly global climate […]