Genomic findings of ancestry in ITESM alumni in Mexico

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Abstract Could there be a pattern of the Mexican “race”? Or more precisely, are there any marks of ancestry in Morelos inhabitants? In this study, four eighteen-year-old, female students in their sixth semester at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Cuernavaca High School were screened with genomic analysis from the Mexican company Geno + ®, to obtain […]


DNA Analysis of the Sucrose Synthase Enzyme in Genetically Modified and Heirloom Pisum sativum

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Abstract: The world’s changing demands for crops has resulted in the genetic modification of plants’ genotypes, to increase crop yield and resist invading bacteria. Sucrose synthase (SuSy) is an enzyme that synthesizes sucrose; sucrose is integral for plant growth and the formation of carbohydrates. Two varieties of pea plants, genetically modified Pisum sativum and heirloom […]

Climate change: Can technology stop the effects of this never-ending issue?

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These 5 solutions may prove pivotal in the race against the world’s increasing temperatures Biorock: From bracelets to earrings one of the most diverse sea habitats lies at the heart of your very own brooch. Although this sea mineral is commonly used in jewelry, it’s becoming more and more scarce. Rises in temperatures are currently […]

What is the correlation between the rising levels of pollution in 19th century Britain and present-day China relative to the increasing cases of irreversible physiological repercussions to the systema respiratorium?

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Abstract This article focuses on exploring the correlation between the rising levels of pollution and the increasing reports of respiratory disorders in the civil population. In order to provide evidence for such claim, Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5) and Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) levels in both 19th century Great Britain and present-day China (two countries that […]

The rising number of shark attacks in Western Australia – just a side effect of another amazing recovery?

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ABSTRACT Eastern Australia is famous for its shark attacks but, since the turn of the millennium, the number of shark attacks is rising significantly in Western Australia. To identify possible reasons for this trend, we collected data about shark sightings/detections and analyzed data of all recorded shark attacks in Western Australia since 1900. The data […]

Optimisation of an Artificial Neural Network for ECG analysis

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1 Abstract Machine learning powered by artificial neural networks (or variations thereof), has become increasingly important in recent years, with applications ranging from facial recognition[1] to ECG analysis [2]. Applications in automated diagnosis have become increasingly important in a country with a growing shortage of qualified physicians [3]. In this paper, we focus on optimisation […]


Differences Between Non-Biomedical Forms of Knowing and Biomedical Forms of Knowing

Posted Posted in Biology, Other evidence informs Western ways of knowing in medicine and research. In other words, it is how we know when someone is sick (e.g., a person’s body temperature above 100.4 degrees Farhenheit informs us that they have a fever1), when two variables are positively correlated (e.g., a Pearson’s coefficient of close to 1.0 informs us […]

The Effectiveness of Coconut Husk and Sodium hydroxide pretreatment in the removal of Arsenic from model Arsenic solutions

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Abstract Arsenic is highly toxic in its inorganic form and is naturally present in high concentrations in the groundwater of many countries. Contaminated water used for drinking, food preparation, and irrigation of food crops poses a significant threat to public health due to its high levels of arsenic. Among various technologies available for arsenic removal […]

Cautions of Biomedical Evidence

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Biomedical evidence is the foundation for Western medicine and research. It helps with the creation of pharmacologic therapy. It can prove the success of treatment and elucidate the relationship between variables. It can validate scientific claims and inform future directions for research. It helps with deciding funding for different health policies and programs. It also […]