On replicating the Morpho Butterfly’s Structural Color

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Abstract: The objective of this article is to explore the existing efforts in the study of replicating the Morpho butterfly’s structural color in order to create artificial colorings that may be longer lasting and more environmental-friendly which has the potential to offer a better way to color various products. The article gives an overview of […]

Can Genetic Modification Save the Oceans?

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Abstract This article will explore the importance of coral, the process by which coral “bleaches” under duress from rising ocean temperatures, and how this can be combated using gene editing techniques. CRISPR, a revolutionary technique for genetic modification, can be used to replace the genes of heat-sensitive coral with rare genes belonging to heat-resistant corals […]

What Are Fractals and Could They Be the Key to Creating an Automated Cancer Diagnosis System?

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Abstract Cancerous cells can be detected in many ways, one of which uses fractal dimension (a number that describes the complexity of a shape). We analyse the “box counting” method of finding the fractal dimension of an object and the application that this has in finding the fractal dimension of an animal cell. We review […]

Cosmologist’s Bizarre Adventure: Cracking the Mystery about Dark Energy

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Abstract This paper will look at the mystery of dark energy- what it is, how we conclude that it exists, and what more can we learn about our universe using this recent discovery. In the beginning of the paper, dark energy is introduced on a more theoretical/fundamental basis, where theories, concepts, and equations are used […]

Investigating the Impact of Atmospheric Oxygen Concentration on the Growth of an Unknown Bacterial Consortium

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Abstract: This investigation is attempting to provide useful information in regard to the commercial use of bacterial starter cultures, and determine their optimal growth conditions. This is in order to establish the most economically viable production method, and controlling factors such as pH and atmospheric oxygen concentration in a Lactobacillus fermentation — for producing yogurt […]

Can an ancient medical approach address modern ailments?

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Figure 1: A family heirloom. The author’s great-grandfather kept a diary of Ayurvedic treatments. Abstract Traditional treatments, although not yet widely acknowledged in modern medical settings, are gradually attracting new attention from the scientific community. The increasing understanding of the gut microbiome aligns particularly well with Ayurvedic approaches. This paper aims to explore areas in […]

How does mushroom save our lives?

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Abstract Depression is a mental illness that affects almost 10% of women and 5% men; besides , major depression is the mental disorder that is the most commonly associated with suicide. Psilocybin has been discovered to be effective in decreasing depressive symptoms of treatment-resistant depression sufferers. Although the data obtained from experiments are very promising, […]

Relationship of Neck Dimensions and Height in Different Breeds of Horses: Possible Connection to Equine Recurrent Laryngeal Neuropathy

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Abstract Recurrent laryngeal neuropathy (RLN) is a condition involving dysfunction of the recurrent laryngeal nerve in horses which results in paralysis of the left side of the larynx and obstruction of the upper airway. The condition has been studied extensively and previous studies have shown the prevalence of RLN increases as the height and neck […]

Meditation: A Surefire Approach to Mitigate the Consequences of Burnout Among Health Practitioners

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Abstract The cases of occupational stress (commonly referred to as burnout) experienced in healthcare facilities have augmented exponentially. This paper amalgamated a series of studies, all of which evaluate the consequences and implications of burnout in said facilities, laying the groundwork required to fully answer the question of whether the implementation of meditation sessions in […]

Cognitive Liberty: Comparison of Neurotechnology with other societal factors

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Introduction Freedom. One of the most valued pillars of society. Most often we think about freedoms as freedom of speech or religion. One thing that we frequently take for advantage, though, is a concept known as cognitive liberty. Cognitive liberty is formally known as “the freedom of an individual to control his or her own […]

Twitter Responds to Racism and Islamophobia

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Abstract Twitter is one of the most commonly used forms of social media in the twenty-first century. Networking sites have established a universal dialogue between people with significantly different opinions and beliefs systems. Social media, intended to eliminate social restrictions and promote dialogue, is instead manipulated to promote racial violence. This research article investigates the […]

Detecting Open-angle Glaucoma Using a Two-parts Deep Learning Architecture

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Abstract Glaucoma is a chronic eye disease that damages the optic nerve and leads to irreversible blindness in its terminal stage. This project proposes a feasible and accurate system to detect open-angle glaucoma, the most common form of glaucoma. Using two deep learning architectures, Single Shot MultiBox Detector (SSD) and Visual Geometry Group Neural Network […]

Ocean Acidification (OA): How It Affects Shellfish

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ABSTRACT For decades evidence has shown that calcifying organisms such as several types of molluscs have been found to be vulnerable to the effects of Ocean Acidification (OA). The production of calcium carbonate which is the main component used by calcifying organisms to build their shells is predicted to decline, and with the addition of […]

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

Educational Data Mining in the Current Classroom

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Written by Grace Li ABSTRACT The capacity of computational infrastructures has exploded over the past few decades, propelling the volume and nuance of data collection. Data mining, the application of algorithms to extract insights from these large reservoirs of data, has advanced industries like commerce and the applied sciences; however, the applications of data mining […]

The Effect of Temperature and Humidity on Covid-19 Infection Rate

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Abstract Since the COVID-19 was confirmed to have human-to-human transmissibility, it has become a severe global public health crisis. Since environmental factors such as temperature and humidity are critical factors affecting the transmission of other infectious diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), the infection rate of viruses […]

Enhanced Bioremediation: Environmental Friendly Agar-based Fertilizers for Oil Clean Up

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Abstract Oil pollution in oceans is a major threat to the health of marine life and humans, as well as to coastal shores and groundwater supplies. Because the natural degradation of hydrocarbon chains found in spills is slow and anthropogenic catalysts pose environmental consequences to marine life, researchers have looked towards bioremediation, which uses natural […]

SEM image for Escherichia Coli  

How do we benefit from the microorganisms that live within us?

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Abstract This article explores the significant impact that microorganisms have within our body and the numerous roles they play, such as regulating vitamin and nutrient production to fight infections. Using the example of microbes acting within the intestine, in particular, this article will demonstrate how microbes have the ability to affect our health in a […]