Investigating the Effect of Oxidative Stress on Cassava and Castor Bean

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Tanvi Sri Sai Penugonda, Shaina Ambashta, Aarushi Deshpande, Yashvi Patel Advisor: Soumya Suresh BASIS Irvington High School, Fremont CA; Fremont Christian High School, Fremont; Granada High School, Livermore, CA, Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program, Fremont, CA; Department of Biology KEYWORDS: Oxidative Stress, Abiotic, GRAS gene, Antioxidant, Post-harvest Physiological Deterioration Abstract Oxidative stress in plants develops […]

Core/Shell Quantum Dots: The Next “Big Thing” of the Display Industry

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Abstract This review paper is a summary and introduction to core/shell quantum dots, as well as discussing their current and perhaps future role in modern-age electroluminescent devices. Quantum dots, with their extremely large color variety and tunable properties are becoming more and more the next “Big Thing” in the liquid crystal display (LCD) industry, and […]


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By Yadukrish Karthikeyan Figure 1: Coronavirus Illustration [1] Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, and will likely continue to for the foreseeable future. This report explores the virus that caused this commotion, how and where the virus originated, and how the human race is predicted to finally overcome it. Part I: The Virus […]

Ember Accumulation during Wildfires

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Student Research Paper by Rishub Shah ([email protected]) Mentor: Dr. Franz Richter ([email protected]). Thanks for the opportunity: Dr. Michael Gollner ([email protected]).  December 2020 Abstract Wildfires are a leading cause of property damage, injury and death throughout the world. A major way in which wildfires spread is through embers or firebrands. The transport and deposition of embers […]

Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis: What is Multidrug-Resistance? Strategies against multidrug-resistance tuberculosis

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Seo Young Hong La Canada High School, Grade 12 United States UCI x GATI BEAM [email protected] 1. ABSTRACT Multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria strains are one of the most dangerous threats of the century. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that tuberculosis (TB) is within the top 10 leading causes of death, and with the rise of […]

Correlations between sport and science interests

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ABSTRACT Participating in sports can affect young people’s lives by influencing their interests. A survey carried out with 500 young people showed that their subject choices and interests correlated with their sport interests. The questionnaire was designed to collect data including the age, gender, educational background and sporting experience of each participant as well as […]