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Exobiology – The Hunt for Extra-Terrestrial Life

Martian Soil

This article discusses astrobiology, the study of life within the universe. Here, the origins of life within the universe are considered and the most likely celestial objects, in which humans may encounter life, are examined.

Chemistry and Light

Light and Chemistry are more linked than you might think. There are lots of reactions which give out light as a product. We use chemistry and light in communication, electronics, medicine and entertainment. Photochemists are working for a brighter and cleaner future – essentially trying to harness the sunlight, converting it into useful energy and […]

The Great British Chocolate Challenge 2016

willy will 2

Do you fancy yourself as a future chocolatier? Would you like to taste chocolate which has never even been created, let alone tasted before? If so, then this is the challenge for you! The Great British Chocolate Challenge for 2016 is launching – they’re looking for the next, young, Willy Wonka. We’ll be following the journey of […]

Remembering Harry Kroto…

In March 2014 students from over 20 schools, including as far away as Chennai, India, gathered at the King’s School for our first ever conference. We were lucky enough to have chemist Harry Kroto join us as our first ever keynote speaker. At the conference, he ran two workshops and titled his talk “The Educational […]

The Future of Science

We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to talk to Danko Antolovic, author of Whither Science? here’s what happened… We, at the Young Scientists Journal, were lucky enough to interview Danko Antolovic, a scientist and author. Senior Editor, Muhammad Hamza Waseem conducted the interview. Danko is a scientist, technologist and author who lives in […]

How to Become an Astronaut

Major Tim Peake became only the second British person to become an astronaut when he was launched into space on board the Russian made Souz TMA-19M rocket on the 15th of December 2015 sparking a frenzy of British media coverage and interest in space travel. What must an astronaut-to-be learn?   Whilst Tim Peake is […]

Food in Space – The Tomatosphere Programme

Tomatosphere poster

In this article, Harry Evett and Daniel Forrest from St Mary’s Catholic School in Bishop’s Stortford take a look at how we’re heading towards growing food in Space – a vital step towards living in space. Space – we find it fascinating yet we still know so little.  Man has dreamt of putting people in […]

The Science Behind Maria Sharapova’s Failed Drugs Test…

A couple of weeks after the Australian Open, multiple Grand Slam winner, Maria Sharapova announced she’d failed a drug test following her defeat to Serena Williams. The drug in question was Meldonium. It was only entered onto the banned list on January 1st 2016. It’s sometimes called mildronate and was taken by Maria Sharapova for virtually 10 years. […]

The Superstring Theory

In this article, Daniel Fryday from St Mary’s Catholic School in Bishops Stortford, gives you an introduction to the Superstring Theory. The Superstring Theory is a way in which scientists attempt to explain all of the fundamental particles and forces of nature. The Superstring Theory is an idea that explains how our universe is just […]

What is the ISS?

On the 15th of December 2015, British Astronaut Tim Peake boarded the International Space Station for ISS Expedition 46 and 47. His mission has been named ‘Principia’, a reference to Isaac Newton’s ‘Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica’ in which Newton writes about the laws of motion, universal gravitation and various other laws of physics. A direct […]

Writing a Post for The Young Scientists Journal – FAQs

If you’ve ever wanted to start blogging or write a couple of posts for us then check out this FAQ below! Q: What’s the difference between an article and a post? A: An article is a more formal piece of scientific research/writing, a post should be fairly short, perhaps more chatty than an article and […]

The Boiling River

I had the pleasure of interviewing geoscientist and National Geographic Explorer, Andrés Ruzo on the publication of his first book, The Boiling River. Many of us have childhood dreams, perhaps of long lost places, imaginary worlds we might once be lucky enough to visit. We might be told stories, ones which we believe at the […]

Experience, Care, Protect: The Value of Scientific Expeditions


In an exciting new partnership with the British Exploring Society, we’re delighted to bring you their first guest post, James Borrell, a conservation biologist with a passion for challenging expeditions, looks at why scientific expeditions are so important.

The Real Meaning of Science with Liz Bonnin

On Thursday 6th November, I had the pleasure of interviewing BBC Television presenter Liz Bonnin. Liz has presented many TV programmes over her career, from BBC Bang Goes the Theory since it first aired in July of 2009 and Operation Snow Tiger to specials like the BBC Horizon Series to BBC Stargazing Live. She’s used her […]

Our Battle Against Bacteria

For ages now we’ve been battling an increasing problem – all caused by antibiotics. Antibiotics have dated all the way back to 1928 after Alexander Fleming; a bacteriologist discovered penicillin at London’s St Mary’s Hospital. Since then, such a small idea has grown and blossomed into the antibiotics we know today and has saved over […]

To infinity and beyond!!

A trip into space can be yours for $250,000 USD. It may sound a little science fiction, but it’s soon to become science fact. Over 700 astronauts have already booked their place on board Virgin’s next project: Virgin Galactic – furthering the space frontier. Once you’re confirmed you become one of the selected few to […]

Science Bites

sci bites cover final big

For a few months now, I’ve been working on my eBook – Science Bites. Tomorrow it reaches the Amazon Kindle Store for £1.51. The idea behind the eBook was to make science fun and interesting – by using small, manageable pieces of information.  The eBook is about 180 pages long and covers topics from life […]

The Day the Earth Smiled

In this rare image taken on July 19, 2013, the camera onboard NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has captured Saturn’s rings, Earth  and its moon in the same picture. The image that’s shown here is only one part of 33 other images the Cassini probe has taken. In this image the Earth is 898 million miles away. […]

How do sloths breathe upside down?


A team of Scientists at Swansea University has found out why sloths are able to spend up to 9o% of their lives hanging upside down, yet still breathing normally. This research was carried out in Costa Rica and published by the Royal Society here in the UK. This research found that the sloths, which live […]