Vaccine Myths

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Since their conception, vaccinations have contributed tremendously to society by allowing populations to build immunity to deadly diseases. For example, this technology eradicated smallpox worldwide by 1980[1] and decreased incidences of polio by more than 99% in the United States since 1988.[2] However, confidence in vaccination’s ability to prevent disease contraction seems to have decreased […]


Should Parents Be Able to Choose Traits for Their Children?

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Genes are the instruction code for all of an individual’s features.[[1]] Genetic modification (i.e., altering the genes of an organism[[2]]) has been debated about for centuries. It can be used to treat medical conditions and to shape how a person develops[[3]]. The movie “Gattaca” depicts a world where characteristics can be selected before birth. Some […]


Criminality: Is It Inheritable and Can It Be Explained by Genetics?

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As genetics have become more integrated in various fields (for example, medicine), it is important to examine its application. Specifically, in the field of law, there can be questions concerning whether genetics can be valid evidence for individuals’ criminal acts.  What is Criminality? In the book Behavioral Genetics, Baker emphasises that the definition of criminality […]