The Effectiveness of “Pre-computed Vector Space and Interpolation” Method on the Computing Time for an n-body Simulation

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Abstract In the field of physics and astronomy, -body simulations are widely used tools to simulate particles under the influence of gravitational forces, and they are generally made using an algorithm that is almost a brute-force approach, as it computes all pairwise gravitational forces by solving for computational differential equation solutions using algorithms like the […]

Aerobic Respiration and Anticancer Treatment

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Abstract This article is an overview of aerobic cellular respiration and how the process can be influenced by glycolytic inhibitors as a potential cancer treatment.In the presence of oxygen, glucose undergoes a series of reactions characterised by the overall term “aerobic respiration” in order to synthesise ATP, which is crucial to muscle contraction and movement. […]


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Abhinav Vetcha AP Research Mrs. Katie Upton May 27, 2018 Abstract The urban heat island effect occurs when temperatures in urban areas are higher than the temperatures of the surrounding environment. This effect can be caused by decreased vegetation levels, heat-trapping building arrangements, anthropogenic heat gain (due to heat produced by the high concentration of […]

A Low-Cost Prototype Classroom Attendance Checker and Logger Using Facial Recognition

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Ian Gabriel C. Santillan Ateneo de Davao University Senior High School, Davao City, PH [email protected] Abstract Facial recognition is a category of biometric software that maps a person’s facial highlights and stores them as a faceprint. It works by contrasting chosen facial highlights from a given picture with faces in a database. Commercially available systems […]

The future of cancer diagnosis and treatment through nanomedicine. Is a personalised approach via nanoparticles achievable?

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Question The future of cancer diagnosis and treatment through nanomedicine. Is a personalised approach via nanoparticles achievable? Abstract Cancer is one of the major factors contributing to global mortality rates, contributing to one out of six deaths world wide. Traditional methods for diagnosis and treatment are often not precise enough to accurately map out the […]

A Cambridge-London Symbiosis

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“A scientific discovery, invention or advance that still affects the world today” ABSTRACT This article discusses the impact of Watson and Crick’s model of DNA structure as published in the journal, ‘Nature’ in April 1953. Discussed is the significance for personalised and genomic medicine, as the future of the field and progress in prophylaxis. Reflection […]

Is adrenaline life-saving or deadly? Should it be the standard of care treatment for cardiopulmonary resuscitation?

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Abstract Adrenaline is commonly used in the treatment of anaphylaxis and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). However, its use in CPR may cause adverse neurological effects. Moreover, adrenaline overdose and overexposure to adrenaline may both lead to fatality. This is a literature review on the mechanism of action of adrenaline, its uses, and its effects. Adrenaline is […]