Tissue Engineering, Organoids and Genetic Diseases

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by Aanya Tashfeen Organoid technology can arguably be considered a significant breakthrough in tissue engineering and stem cell research. An organoid is a three-dimensional culture of organ progenitor cells or stem cells (induced pluripotent, embryonic or adult stem cells) that can grow and self-organise in vitro, forming a near-realistic ‘organ in a dish’ [1]. The […]

Stefan Taubert – Day in the Life Of a Geneticist

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by Ideja Bajra Dr. Stefan Taubert is an Associate Professor, scientist (Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics), and Investigator (BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute). He obtained his PhD from the University of Fribourg ans has been a PI since 2009. 1) Thank you for agreeing to this interview Dr. Taubert. Could you explain a bit […]

RNAi Mechanism and Applications

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by Lucy Chen Introduction Humans are highly complex, multicellular organisms with millions of cells specialised for particular functions via distinct morphologies and chemistry. The process by which various cell types are generated from one universal type during development is known as cellular differentiation, and is driven by changes in gene expression in response to environmental […]


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by Simone Khandpekar Each year, there is a vaccine that is distributed for influenza, more commonly known as the flu. Influenza is a zoonosis, which means that it’s a virus that can be transmitted from animal to humans[1]. Influenza is a virus that belongs to the Orthomyxoviridae family. It is an RNA virus, with 7 […]

How the Genome Proves That SARS-Cov-2 Arose Naturally

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by Abigail Brooke The claims that the novel coronavirus causing the current pandemic was engineered in a lab and perhaps even deliberately released have been all over the internet. However, a new study using genomic analyses debunks these claims, providing scientific evidence that the novel coronavirus arose naturally, with the researchers stating that ‘our analyses […]

The Effects of Natural and Artificial Sweeteners on Gut Bacteria as Modeled by E. coli

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Abstract This study aims to examine the effects of artificial and natural sweeteners on gut bacteria, modeled by Escherichia coli. In reality, the human gut microbiome is made up of many types of bacteria, responsible for digesting and extracting energy from consumed foods and maintaining human health. E. coli is found in the human intestine, […]

In vivo modelling within pharmacological research, its limitations and alternative methods of research

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Abstract In vivo or animal testing has been relied on for years in drug development for studying drug dosages, therapeutic indices, contraindications, mechanisms of action and adverse reactions of drugs undergoing various levels of testing. This article aims to review the importance and basis of in vivo models in drug development and discuss the ethical […]

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Effects of Permethrin and Permethrin Resistance on Zika Transmission

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Abstract The Zika virus is a mosquito-borne virus that has affected 65 countries since 2015. There are currently no cures for the virus, so at-risk populations rely solely on preventative methods such as nets and insecticide sprays, with limited effectiveness. COBWEB, a computer simulation software, was used to determine the effectiveness of an introduction of […]

Ultracold Atoms; A hotline for physicists

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Abstract Until recently, both the properties of quantum and exotic matter have been difficult to observe. However, in the last few decades, a promising discovery has arisen – ultracold atoms. The ensuing article will unravel and unlock the vast potential held by this field. The article builds on prior knowledge of ultracold atoms, including other […]


Schizophrenia Myths: “Once a Schizophrenic, Always a Schizophrenic”

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Recently, the United States has become more aware of the importance of mental health. There have been movements to normalize mental health illnesses and widen access to treatment. However, stigma still plagues society. While psychiatric disabilities in general are becoming more acknowledged and accepted, some are still discriminated against. Specifically, prejudice against individuals with schizophrenia […]