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Exobiology – The Hunt for Extra-Terrestrial Life

Martian Soil

This article discusses astrobiology, the study of life within the universe. Here, the origins of life within the universe are considered and the most likely celestial objects, in which humans may encounter life, are examined.

Standard of Science Journalism

This morning on the Today program there was an interesting piece on the quality of science journalism. For our non UK audience the Today program is breakfast news and comment show on BBC Radio 4. The piece was focused around the Minister for Science Lord Paul Drayson claim that there is a high standard of […]

Pigeon outperforms internet (updated)

In a brilliant example of old technology outdoing its replacement a homing pigeon successfully transferred 4GB of data faster than an ASDL internet connection. The experiment was done by an IT company in South Africa. Employees flew the pigeon between their offices 60 miles apart while simultaneously sending the data over the internet. The pigeon […]

Should we go back to the Moon?

With the celebrations of the Apollo Moon landings in recent days many people have been discussing the future of manned space travel. I am far to young to have witnessed the Moon landings myself, but everybody I speak to about it talks of the excitement of seeing those grainy pictures of men walking on the […]

What’s the point of learning this?

One of the things I often asked when I was at school was “When will we ever use this?” It was a regular problem for our teachers that often the abstract science and maths we learnt would have little use outside the classroom. However some of it is useful and here I present a case […]