An Interview with Nigel Whitehead, CTO at BAE Systems

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Profile Nigel Whitehead Chief Technology Officer, BAE Systems Nigel was appointed Chief Technology Officer on 1st January 2018. In this role he has responsibility for coordinating technology investment, collaboration and exploitation across the Group’s products, services and operations. Nigel also leads the functions of Engineering, Manufacturing, Support, IM&T, Project Management and Strategy. Nigel was previously […]

How Do Drinks Affect Reaction Time?

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Introduction In modern society, professional athletes, especially sprinters often use illegal steroids or drinks that affect their reaction times to maximize their performance. For example, the Jamaican sprinter Nesta Carter has been caught out in the reanalysis of his blood and urine samples, which found that he used the illegal substance methylhexaneamine to increase his […]

The Humble, Immortal Hydra

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Abstract A plunge into the depths of the supposedly non-ageing Hydra – the superior cousin to the jellyfish – and their secret to non-senescence (or the phenomenon, anyway). This review article will explore the adaptive qualities of Hydra and how they have arrived at the Fountain of Youth before us. Throughout history, humans have been […]

How Reliable is fMRI as a Neuroimaging Tool to Study Visual Experiences in Dreaming?

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Abstract The nature of dream is private. It is impossible to render the dreaming experience public until scientists discovered the association between dreaming and activation of the brain, followed by the invention of neuroimaging tools, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalogram (EEG), to study brain activities during dreaming. Hence, the construction of […]

Measuring Granular Flow Through a Funnel with a Force Sensor

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  Abstract This paper presents an apparatus to measure the flow of granular matter through a funnel with a force sensor. In addition to being easily reproducible, our proposed method enhances measurement accuracy from the popular method that uses a stopwatch. We notice, however, that our proposed setup induces an unwelcome force that confounds force […]

Earthworms, Salamanders and Humans: A Pathway to New Discoveries

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Abstract Our world is one of much diversity, with over thirty million species of insects alone. What makes this diversity more incredible is the amount of similarities that many organisms share. These parallels can be harnessed in ways that allow us as humans to take advantage of our similarities with other organisms and use them […]

Can Natural Plant Products Work as Effective Antibiotics?

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Abstract The aim of this experiment was to find a solution that may help control the resistance of bacteria to conventional antibiotics. This experiment tests to see the efficacy of everyday natural products towards health and wellbeing as opposed to seeking conventional antibiotics, which can trigger problems such as antibiotic resistance. This experiment is a […]

The Effectiveness of the Use of Moringa oleifera Seeds in the Removal of Metal Based Contaminants from Contaminated Water

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Mentor: Dr. Kunlun Hong Abstract Potable water is a vital and very limited resource in our society. Obtaining such water through purification is of global importance. One of the main challenges in water purification is the ability to distribute affordable purification devices to the people in need efficiently. This project utilizes the abundant Moringa oleifera […]

Humans as Robots, Robots as Humans

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Robots are becoming more human, but are humans becoming like robots? Social media, college admissions, work: these are all aspects of our daily lives where we are exemplified for perfection. A human appearance, facial recognition, and individual thought: these are traits thought to encompass the most intelligent robots. But what draws the line between the […]

Antibiotic Resistance

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Antibiotics are drugs that destroy microorganisms or inhibit their growth so are used to treat bacterial infections in many areas of healthcare. There are several different variations and types with 6 main classifications: penicillins, cephalosporins, aminoglycosides, tetracyclines, macrolides and fluoroquinolones. [1] Each type destroys bacteria in a different way, many, including penicillin, punch holes into […]

The Critical Shortage of Healthcare Workers in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comprehensive Review

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  Abstract The critical shortage of healthcare workers in sub-Saharan Africa is one of the largest obstacles faced by public health systems in the modern age. This crisis affects almost every facet of public health within the region, including child and adult mortality, maternal health, and treatment of diseases and infections. While several countries have […]

Detection of Heavy Metals in Honey Samples using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

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  Abstract Honey is a composite mixture of various carbohydrates, enzymes, flavonoids and organic acids. It is used for a wide variety of purposes and is a known antimicrobial agent. Heavy metals may be present in trace quantities in honey and their detection is important for the quality control of honey and it also serves […]

Psychological and Social Aspects of Breast Cancer

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Abstract A number of different psychological and social factors can affect the emotional stability and physical outcomes for patients with breast cancer. Assessing the psychological aspects of breast cancer treatment and identifying activities that can alleviate stress involved in the treatment process, could reduce the anxiety and emotional upheaval associated with breast cancer. This paper […]