The Power of Superconductivity

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Abstract Previously, superconductivity had often been seen as something far-fetched and difficult to apply. However, modern issues over the past few decades in particular have highlighted the need and potential for technologies of this type. This article will provide detail on how superconductivity works, and how humanity can harness it for its benefit. Introduction As […]

Earth Science

A Review of the 2020 AAAS Meeting

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AAAS stands for the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Since its formation in 1848, it has been dedicated to the scientific community in America (and, more recently, worldwide). As part of a yearly trip, Oundle School attended the 186th installment of the AAAS annual meeting in Seattle, WA. The students were also invited […]


Chaos Theory and Consciousness

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  Abstract Consciousness remains one of the most bizarre phenomena in the universe. Though a well-researched field, science is still to reveal the fundamental nature of consciousness. This is perhaps due to the fact that consciousness is not entirely a biological phenomenon but rather an emergent process, rising out of complex interactions between simpler parts, […]


SPACE-X and Our Space Economy

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Despite our fascination with outer space for decades, the promise of commercial space travel remains difficult to attain. However, that may have all changed two weeks ago, when two NASA astronauts were sent into orbit in a SPACE-X rocket. The first major launch in nearly ten years, the mission took place during an unusual time […]


Performance of Diseases and Applications for Medicine

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The purpose of this article is to review Annemarie Mol’s paper “Pathology and the clinic: An ethnographic presentation of two atheroscleroses,” and discuss its implications in medicine. Mol is a philosopher and ethnographer (i.e., person who researches social and cultural relations1), and her paper describes her study in a hospital in the Netherlands examining the […]