Black History Month 2019

YSJ Celebrates Black History Month 2019

Annually, October marks the celebration of Black History Month in the UK. It gives us the opportunity to observe a few of the many achievements that Black people have or projects they have contributed to, allowing for the progression of Science, Politics and Human Rights. Although it is Black History Month, Young Scientists Journal wanted to reflect on the achievements of all People of Colour, in order to show the progression of diversity within the STEM Community, especially as a month is not enough to show the full scope of achievements all the POC communities have acquired.


By Elizabeth Barek

In this introductory article, Ambassador for Chemistry, Elizabeth Barek, explains why celebrating Black History Month is so important.

By Anne-Rosa Bilal

Head of Editorial, Anne-Rosa Bilal celebrates the lives of Drs. Kenneth B. Clark and Maime Phipps Clark – in particular, their research into the psychological effects of segregation in schools on children.

By Sarvani Kolachana

Sarvani Kolachana, Senior Mathematics Editor, explores the mathematics of ancient architecture in her home country of India, and the clear links between mathematics and art & design.

By Sona Popat

Dr. Jane Cooke Wright was an oncologist and surgeon, who made some important breakthroughs, including being the first to identify methotrexate as a cancer drug.  In this article, YSJ Editor Sona Popat celebrates her achievements.

By Prajna Nair

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson has both driven social change and made substantial discoveries in physics- particularly in the branches which concern atoms and elementary particles.  Prajna Nair, Ambassador for Physics shares some of Dr. Jackson’s many achievements.

By Parsa Nayyara

Ambassador to Indonesia, Parsa Nayyara, writes on the huge contributions of the country’s 3rd president, BJ ‘Mr. Crack’ Habibie, to engineering, and in particular, the aviation industry. 

By Della Squires

Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE is a space scientist, science communicator and presents the BBC TV programme ‘The Sky at Night’.  Combining science and art, YSJ Editor Della Squires, has created some artwork to celebrate the achievements of Maggie Aderin-Pocock.