Get excited about the first Northern Conference…but who will be there?!

For our first Northern YSJournal conference, we have four main speakers/workshops to enjoy throughout the day. First is the Kitchen Chemistry workshop with Dr Stephen Ashworth, who aside from being a full time lecturer at UAE travels around the country presenting awesome science shows. A strong believer in science being a practical experience, we are sure to say that this workshop will go off with a bang! After akk the preperations are done (and we find where to print posters cheap for the conference event) – we\’ll be all ready to go!

Image source: Norwich Science Festival 2016

One of our keynote speakers is Sam Gregson, AKA the Bad Boy of Science. He has worked as a particle physicist both at the LHCb and CERN- where he demonstrated his stand-up skills at CERN’s first ever comedy show (which he both organised and performed in!) So you can be sure to have an entertaining time with ‘The Search for the Higgs.’

Image source: Sam Gregson\’s blog,

As the editor of Chemistry World, Adam Brownsell surprisingly did his under- and post-graduate studies in education literature and the modernist movement. He is currently involved in medical, educational and professional publishing of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Even without a scientific background, he enjoys his role in science communication, and he will be running a workshop on this very subject at the conference.
Check out his social media:

Read his article about absurd science here…registration is free!


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