Introducing Geoarchaeology: A Tool To Examine Human Activity

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The field of archaeology has a multitude of facets, which intertwine social studies and the sciences. One of its subfields, geoarchaeology, places special emphasis on interdisciplinary work. It examines the way in which the landscape and climate of a region affected human’s lives, from trade to culture, using geophysical techniques. This paves the way for […]

Archaeology and language – writing systems in the archaeological record

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Weina Jin Introduction History would not exist without writing. According to Gerd Carling, the amount of knowledge passed down from a society is higher if you have written sources about that culture, compared to non-written sources. She says this is down to the “methodology of linguistics. It’s easier to get certain knowledge about things in […]

Radiocarbon: How it’s formed and used in archaeology

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Introduction Willard Libby, a professor of chemistry at the University of Chicago, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in the year 1960. This Nobel Prize was for the discovery of a technique, Radiocarbon Dating, that revolutionized the field of archaeology and palaeontology1. Radiocarbon Dating is a method used to estimate the age of carbon-containing […]