Becoming a Master of Your Minutes by… Procrastinating?

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Procrastination – the king of self-sabotage, the thief of time, and every person’s arch nemesis. Despite experiencing unsatisfactory results and promising ourselves that we won’t procrastinate the next time, anxiety, the fear of failure, perfectionism, fatigue, distorted views of time, or distaste for such “undesirable tasks” often gets the best of us and we engage […]

30th Birthday of the World Wide Web

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 1989. Geneva. Tim Berners-Lee presented his new technological invention to his boss, Mike Sendall, at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Initially described by his boss as ‘vague but exciting’[1], that discovery was the World Wide Web, an innovation that brought together the Internet and hypertext (hyperlinks), allowing information to be retrieved from the […]

YSJ Celebrates International Women’s Day 2019!

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YSJ team members Sophie Obomighie, Jennifer Miess and Roberto Parisi collaborated to recognise some inspirational young women in STEM, in celebration of International Women’s Day 2019.     Let us ask you about female scientists you know. Marie Curie, Lise Meitner and maybe you’ll even mention Angela Merkel, studied physicist and now German chancellor. That’s it. […]

The lesser known truth about Zimbardo’s glorified Prison Life study

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In 1973, Zimbardo, Haney and Banks[1] revealed to the world the extent to which ordinary people could conform and become cruel, merciless and vindictive in their infamous Stanford Prison Life Study. 22 male students were randomly assigned into two groups: prisoners and guards. Within hours of starting the experiment, the guards had adopted their roles […]

My Challenging and Rewarding Work Experience at The Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

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As a sixth former, I need to find work experience in order to gain the crucial knowledge and understanding which will enrich my application to medical school. Initially I struggled to find a work placement having contacted at least 50 hospitals and GP practices around Manchester, Chester, Macclesfield, and Warrington. Fortunately, through a former classmate, […]

YSJ Conference 2018 – University of Nottingham

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On the 17 September 2018 the annual Young Scientists Journal conference was held at the University of Nottingham. In the morning there was a talk by Phil Moriarty, who is a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Nottingham. He was presenting about the connection between heavy metal and quantum mechanics and explained […]

Get excited about the first Northern Conference…but who will be there?!

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For our first Northern YSJournal conference, we have four main speakers/workshops to enjoy throughout the day. First is the Kitchen Chemistry workshop with Dr Stephen Ashworth, who aside from being a full time lecturer at UAE travels around the country presenting awesome science shows. A strong believer in science being a practical experience, we are […]

NASA’s Exoplanet Discovery – Trappist-1

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Seven earth-sized planets have been discovered recently by NASA, in the constellation of Aquarius. The exoplanet (a planet that orbits a star other than our Sun) system is called TRAPPIST-1, which stands for The Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope. The tiny, dim star the planets are orbiting is only about 40 light-years (235 trillion […]