Bio-Toilets: A Potential Solution to India’s Sanitation and Water Needs

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By Kavi Ullal Grade 10, Rishi Valley School, Andhra Pradesh, India Abstract The purpose of this article is to describe the biodigester and reed bed toilet system, which offers immense application in the fields of water conservation and sanitation. Many parts of rural India lack enough water for daily use. They also face the issue […]

Biodegradation of Polyethylene Fragments and Microbeads using Bacillus subtilis and Pseudomonas putida

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Abstract More than 5 trillion plastic pieces – a major contributor being microplastics – are afloat in the world’s oceans[1]. Microplastics are less than five millimeters in length, are problematic to remove using filters, and cause other ecological damages. Over time, multiple morphologies and polymers of microplastics have increased in quantity in San Francisco Bay […]

Preliminary Comparative Analysis of Thermal Imaging of Decomposing Pig Remains in Water and on Land

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  Dylan Singh Sanghera 06th July – 31st July In collaboration with: Abstract: Thousands of people go missing every year, however, there is little evidence based research on how forensic teams should use thermal imaging technologies in order to increase success in locating a corpse, whether in water or on land. The implications for this […]

Airborne Microplastics: A Global Issue With Implications For Human Health

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Abstract Plastic production has increased significantly over the past few decades and has impacted the environment in a negative way. Plastic products have the ability to break down into smaller particles less than 5 mm in size, known as microplastics, which can accumulate in a variety of places such as food and water sources. Recently, […]

The Effect of Climate Change on the Distribution of Malaria in Africa

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  Abstract Malaria, an infectious disease transmitted by Anopheles mosquitoes, kills over 400,000 people each year. Of these 400,000 deaths, sixty-seven percent are children under the age of five [1]. The Anopheles mosquitoes can host five different species of malaria which infect humans [2]. This review mainly discusses the most lethal species, Plasmodium falciparum (P. […]


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BY: MADELEINE HSU ABSTRACT This article discusses coral reefs, the danger and threats they are facing, and how different marine animals and plants are being affected by factors like climate change, coastal development, and more.  This article also considers the possible restoration techniques used to rehabilitate coral reefs, as well as some of the governmental […]

Ocean Acidification (OA): How It Affects Shellfish

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ABSTRACT For decades evidence has shown that calcifying organisms such as several types of molluscs have been found to be vulnerable to the effects of Ocean Acidification (OA). The production of calcium carbonate which is the main component used by calcifying organisms to build their shells is predicted to decline, and with the addition of […]

Enhanced Bioremediation: Environmental Friendly Agar-based Fertilizers for Oil Clean Up

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Wireline services company is often used in oilfield drilling operations. Proving tools that can measure the pressure of fluids, as well as detect other types of materials like methane gas and minerals that might be present deep underground. Abstract Oil pollution in oceans is a major threat to the health of marine life and humans, […]

The Effect of Ion-Exchange Resins on the Removal of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

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By: Marina Karki : Abstract: The burning of fossil fuels releases millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year creating a current atmospheric concentration of over 400 ppm [1]. This high concentration level leads to the melting of sea ice, ocean acidification and wide array of problems that go underly global climate […]


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Abhinav Vetcha AP Research Mrs. Katie Upton May 27, 2018 Abstract The urban heat island effect occurs when temperatures in urban areas are higher than the temperatures of the surrounding environment. This effect can be caused by decreased vegetation levels, heat-trapping building arrangements, anthropogenic heat gain (due to heat produced by the high concentration of […]


DNA Analysis of the Sucrose Synthase Enzyme in Genetically Modified and Heirloom Pisum sativum

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Abstract: The world’s changing demands for crops has resulted in the genetic modification of plants’ genotypes, to increase crop yield and resist invading bacteria. Sucrose synthase (SuSy) is an enzyme that synthesizes sucrose; sucrose is integral for plant growth and the formation of carbohydrates. Two varieties of pea plants, genetically modified Pisum sativum and heirloom […]

Communicating Climate Change through Photography: Interview with Sean Gallagher

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Aerial view of burning land near the Phnom Tnout Phnom Pok Wildlife Sanctuary, in Songkom Thmey District, Preah Vihear Province, northern Cambodia. During the dry season between January to March, hundreds of fires continually rage across the country. Land is burnt by farmers, loggers and local people looking to either capture wildlife or clear land […]

The Environmental Considerations of Tempe Town Lake

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Abstract Following the repair of the Tempe dam in 2010, Tempe Town Lake has faced significant environmental consequences that pose risks to the safety of Tempe locals. This research paper analyzes the different perspectives of bio-conservationists, hydrologists, public health officials, and Tempe residents to help formulate a prospective solution to effectively address the environmental concerns […]

Decoration or Devastation – The True Cost of the Souvenir Shell Trade

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Even though a shell or a piece of coral on your mantelpiece may look pretty, the long-term consequences on the ocean and its inhabitants may be serious. You may think that one small shell won’t make a difference, but with every shell taken from its natural habitat the surrounding environment could suffer. This is because […]