The Biomimicry Institute’s Youth Design Challenge

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Nishka Srivastava Anti-counterfeiting technology inspired by the wings of a butterfly. A robotic arm inspired by an elephant’s trunk. Fascinating ideas like these are everyday at The Biomimicry Institute – an organisation dedicated to promoting biomimicry, or design that emulates nature to create sustainable and effective solutions to our problems. Recently the Institute held their […]

Interview with Prof. Sara Seager

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Prof. Sara Seager is a professor of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She also holds professorships in the departments of Physics and Aeronautics & Astronautics. Her research is in the fields of planetary science and astrophysics and focuses on the search for habitable exoplanets by detecting certain “biosignature” gases […]

Interview with Prof. Barbara Ryden

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Prof. Barbara Ryden is a Professor of Astronomy at the Ohio State University. She is a self-described “Cosmos Mariner: Destination Unknown”. Apart from pursuing research in galaxies and large scale structure, she is a successful textbook-writer: her book “Introduction to Cosmology” won the Chambliss Astronomy Writing Award. I came to know of Prof. Ryden through […]

An Interview with Ryan Lee

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Young Scientists Journal team members, Dolapo, Dhruv, Nayyara and Mhairi recently had the opportunity to speak to Ryan Lee, Founder of h2hacks, about how he set up his organisation and about his passion for computer science. As a senior at Great Neck South High School, Ryan is working to spread his passion for computer science […]

An Interview with Nigel Whitehead, CTO at BAE Systems

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Profile Nigel Whitehead Chief Technology Officer, BAE Systems Nigel was appointed Chief Technology Officer on 1st January 2018. In this role he has responsibility for coordinating technology investment, collaboration and exploitation across the Group’s products, services and operations. Nigel also leads the functions of Engineering, Manufacturing, Support, IM&T, Project Management and Strategy. Nigel was previously […]

Jim Al-Khalili Interview

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Young Scientists Journal was fortunate to interview Jim Al-Khalili, a prominent science communicator and Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Surrey. Laura Patterson, from the King’s School YSJournal hub, went down to Surrey to talk to him about his work in physics and science communication. Jim has presented several science documentaries and radio […]

Interview with Lord Rees

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  On the 10th of March YSJ Editorial Team Leader, Claire Nicholson, interviewed current Astronomer Royal, Martin Rees. Martin Rees is not only a Professor of Astronomy at Cambridge but also a member of the House of Lords. He is also a former President of the Royal Society. Martin told YSJ that being President of the Royal […]