Earth Day 2019- Protect our Species!

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The first Earth Day was held nearly 50 years ago in 1970 when 20 million Americans united to launch a modern environmental movement. Since then, many innovative laws have been passed as a result of these annual mobilisations. Within a year, it lead to the formation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, as well […]


Who Owns Space?

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Introduction The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 agreed that Space exploration ‘shall be the province of all mankind’.[1] At the time, this was sufficient. Satellites were beginning to be sent up into the atmosphere and in 1961 Yuri Gagarin had become the first man to leave Earth, but the prospect of deep space exploration on […]

Computer Science

Humans as Robots, Robots as Humans

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Robots are becoming more human, but are humans becoming like robots? Social media, college admissions, work: these are all aspects of our daily lives where we are exemplified for perfection. A human appearance, facial recognition, and individual thought: these are traits thought to encompass the most intelligent robots. But what draws the line between the […]