Proof of Stokes Law of Viscosity Using Reynolds Law

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PROOF OF STOKES LAW OF VISCOSITY USING REYNOLDS LAW THE UNIVERSITY OF BURDWAN Author’s name: Arup Shit Qualification: Undergraduate (Physics) Gmail ID: [email protected] Abstract Viscosity is basically the measure of resistance of a fluid when it is flowing, i.e. it describes the internal friction of a moving fluid. In 1851 scientist George Gabriel Stokes gave […]

What Are Fractals and Could They Be the Key to Creating an Automated Cancer Diagnosis System?

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Abstract Cancerous cells can be detected in many ways, one of which uses fractal dimension (a number that describes the complexity of a shape). We analyse the “box counting” method of finding the fractal dimension of an object and the application that this has in finding the fractal dimension of an animal cell. We review […]

The science of interaction and decision-making: Game Theory

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From the very beginning, we have tried to predict the future. Prediction is a messy business, and astrologers are seldom genuine. However, scientifically speaking, prediction is absolutely essential. From weather to strategic interactions, prediction is present everywhere. It is often impossible to predict complex, real-life phenomena using simple mathematical equations. We need a new concept […]

Chaos Theory and Consciousness

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  Abstract Consciousness remains one of the most bizarre phenomena in the universe. Though a well-researched field, science is still to reveal the fundamental nature of consciousness. This is perhaps due to the fact that consciousness is not entirely a biological phenomenon but rather an emergent process, rising out of complex interactions between simpler parts, […]

Alternative version of Bolzano’s theorem for continuous and differentiable functions

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About the Author Roberto, 19, is a med student at the University of Salerno who is really interested in science communication, especially if it’s made by young students. He is particularly keen on genetics, astrobiology and human anatomy and believes that being part of the outreach team gives him the opportunity to keep science spreading.

Tetrahedral Shoelace Method: Calculating Volume of Irregular Solids

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Abstract Calculating the volume of regular and irregular solids is an important task in nearly all branches of science including Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Bioinformatics, and other real world applications, such as volumetric estimation in coal reserve,[1] volume of dam design in a valley, volume of volcano on Mars, or estimating the volume of […]

King’s Hub: Videos You Should Watch

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Here is a selection of short, fun and interesting videos recommended by the King’s Hub. There is something for every scientist, with maths, physics, biology and chemistry related content. Although they are great to watch purely as entertainment, the King’s Hub also loves these videos because they show the wonderful (and slightly weird) knowledge that science […]