On improving take-off efficiency of airplanes

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On improving take-off efficiency of airplanes Arpan Dey Abstract In this paper, a special model for the airplane wing is proposed. The main aim of the model is to maximize take-off efficiency of airplanes and increase the effectiveness of in-flight maneuvers. The sudden movement of a leading-edge downward-movable control surface in the main wing could, […]

Galilean Advances to 16th-17th Century Science

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Abstract: Galileo Galilei, an astronomer, physicist, and philosopher of the 16th and 17th centuries is credited with the discovery of several scientific instruments and phenomena that contribute further to the understanding of modern science.[1] At the time in Italy, even when religion was dominant, he was one of the primary proponents of scientific innovation over […]



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    Image credit: Getty Images Aaditya Bhattacharya[1]* Abstract The article explores and explains the evolving concept of “gravitational waves”. It presents the importance of and recent progress in the contemporary knowledge of “gravitational waves”. It provides a brief overview of the interferometer – an instrument used to measure these gravitational waves. The article elucidates […]

On replicating the Morpho Butterfly’s Structural Color

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Abstract: The objective of this article is to explore the existing efforts in the study of replicating the Morpho butterfly’s structural color in order to create artificial colorings that may be longer lasting and more environmental-friendly which has the potential to offer a better way to color various products. The article gives an overview of […]

An Overview of Nuclear Medicine

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Shriya Subramanian Abstract Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty that makes use of radiation in two primary areas of medicine: the diagnosis and the treatment of disease. There are various techniques used for diagnosis such as Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET), which are collectively known as nuclear imaging. The […]

The Journey Of Physics So Far

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Introduction The study of physics has captured the human mind for centuries. Encompassing some of the greatest minds of history, the evolution of physics has followed the human race since the beginnings of civilization. Filled with both complementing and contrasting thought experiments, theories, and revelations, the journey to modern-day physics is an exciting and complicated […]

Time travel: fact or fiction. A study on the scientific, social and historical impacts of time travel.

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By Waania Zia Abstract This is an article detailing the different models and theories of time travel, focusing on Einstein’s theory of relativity and Minkowski space-time, which is the combination of the 3 dimensional space with a 4th dimension of time. It delves into the development of time travel within science and fiction as well […]

An examination of feasible rocket propulsion systems for a future single stage rocket

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Abstract This paper explores different types of rocket propulsion systems and assesses their benefits and drawbacks. The paper also compares different types of rockets, such as Single Stage rockets and Two Stage rockets, before proposing a propulsion system for a future Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO) rocket. This system shall meet the requirements of both […]

James Webb Telescope Cosmic Mining Project

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Abstract: The following article concerns the James Webb Telescope Cosmic Mining Project (offered by the Institute for Research in Schools), undertaken by a group of students in Abingdon School. The project focuses on the classification of the spectra (showing the intensity over a range of electromagnetic wavelengths) of stars and galaxies identified by the Spitzer […]

Photoelectric Effect: A Simple Application

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Photoelectric Effect: A Simple Application Konstantinos Angelopoulos Abstract Research was conducted on the phenomenon of the emission of electrons from the surface of certain metals when illuminated by light. The purpose of this work was to observe the change in the value of the electric current produced, depending on the distance between the lamp and […]