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A Simple Physical Analysis of the Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change

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Keywords Greenhouse Effect, Blackbody Radiation, Climate Change, Solar Radiation, physical modelling, physical analysis Abstract This paper examines physical theories such as thermodynamics, quantum mechanics to develop parameters including absorptivity, reflectivity, and transmissivity of the atmosphere. It is on such parameters that the physical modelling equation has been established to quantitatively analyze the ongoing global warming […]

Celebrating 50 Years Since the First Moon Landing

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Introduction (Sona Popat) The day is July 20th, 1969. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins (Figure 1), the crew of the Apollo 11, land on the moon, and people around the world turn their eyes to the universe. A whole generation vividly remember the moment, with over half a billion people[1] gathering around their […]

Investigating the Effect of Atmospheric Pressure on Cosmic Ray Intensity

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Abstract The High School Project on Astrophysics Research with Cosmics (HiSPARC) comprises a network of cosmic ray detectors across Europe that are used by secondary school students to investigate high energy cosmic rays. This project uses the detector at King Edward VI High School for Girls to investigate the effect of atmospheric pressure on the […]

Should more money be spent on space exploration rather than to solve humanitarian problems on Earth?

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On July 20th, 1969, a scientific breakthrough was made.  Neil Armstrong became the first human to ever set foot on Earth’s only Moon.  Ever since this remarkable day, his famous words “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” have been memorialised.  According to the Guardian, in that year alone, the total […]

YSJ Conference 2018 – University of Nottingham

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On the 17 September 2018 the annual Young Scientists Journal conference was held at the University of Nottingham. In the morning there was a talk by Phil Moriarty, who is a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Nottingham. He was presenting about the connection between heavy metal and quantum mechanics and explained […]

Measuring Granular Flow Through a Funnel with a Force Sensor

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  Abstract This paper presents an apparatus to measure the flow of granular matter through a funnel with a force sensor. In addition to being easily reproducible, our proposed method enhances measurement accuracy from the popular method that uses a stopwatch. We notice, however, that our proposed setup induces an unwelcome force that confounds force […]

Get excited about the first Northern Conference…but who will be there?!

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For our first Northern YSJournal conference, we have four main speakers/workshops to enjoy throughout the day. First is the Kitchen Chemistry workshop with Dr Stephen Ashworth, who aside from being a full time lecturer at UAE travels around the country presenting awesome science shows. A strong believer in science being a practical experience, we are […]

Suspending a dipole radar scanner from a helicopter – improving methods of evaluating glacial water resources

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Suspending a dipole radar scanner from a helicopter – improving methods of evaluating glacial water resources   Abstract    Glaciers cover about 10% of the Earth’s surface and water from melted glaciers is important for local people to drink and to irrigate their land, as well as for hydroelectric power. Understanding the thickness and change […]