The Effect of Brain Hacking on High School Students Likelihood of Social Media Addiction, Relationship Strength, and Willingness to Participate in Precarious Behavior

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Abstract Technology companies implement brain hacking in their apps and devices in order to make their users spend more time on apps and devices. High schoolers, who are among those who spend the most time on their technological devices, may be affected in terms of social media addiction, connectedness with others, and the willingness to […]

Cognitive Liberty: Comparison of Neurotechnology with other societal factors

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Introduction Freedom. One of the most valued pillars of society. Most often we think about freedoms as freedom of speech or religion. One thing that we frequently take for advantage, though, is a concept known as cognitive liberty. Cognitive liberty is formally known as “the freedom of an individual to control his or her own […]

Twitter Responds to Racism and Islamophobia

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Abstract Twitter is one of the most commonly used forms of social media in the twenty-first century. Networking sites have established a universal dialogue between people with significantly different opinions and beliefs systems. Social media, intended to eliminate social restrictions and promote dialogue, is instead manipulated to promote racial violence. This research article investigates the […]