Using CRISPR Cas9 to treat Cancer

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Abstract This article will explore the use of CRISPR Cas9 technology to create models of tumors to improve understanding of which genes are responsible for tumor initiation and progression, and to develop therapies that target those genes. There are already different types of immunotherapies, such as engineered TCR therapy and CAR T cell therapy, which […]

A Low-Cost Prototype Classroom Attendance Checker and Logger Using Facial Recognition

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Ian Gabriel C. Santillan Ateneo de Davao University Senior High School, Davao City, PH [email protected] Abstract Facial recognition is a category of biometric software that maps a person’s facial highlights and stores them as a faceprint. It works by contrasting chosen facial highlights from a given picture with faces in a database. Commercially available systems […]

Climate change: Can technology stop the effects of this never-ending issue?

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These 5 solutions may prove pivotal in the race against the world’s increasing temperatures Biorock: From bracelets to earrings one of the most diverse sea habitats lies at the heart of your very own brooch. Although this sea mineral is commonly used in jewelry, it’s becoming more and more scarce. Rises in temperatures are currently […]

A Novel Application of Deep Learning in a Robotic Arm for the Classification and Sorting of Recyclables

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Abstract Currently, the world disposes 1.3 billion tonnes of waste per year, with a projected increase to 2.2 billion tonnes by 2025 (World Bank, 2018). Out of the total waste produced in Canada, only around 27% is diverted. The other 73% end up in either landfills or incinerators, both of which increase pollution, while damaging […]

30th Birthday of the World Wide Web

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 1989. Geneva. Tim Berners-Lee presented his new technological invention to his boss, Mike Sendall, at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Initially described by his boss as ‘vague but exciting’[1], that discovery was the World Wide Web, an innovation that brought together the Internet and hypertext (hyperlinks), allowing information to be retrieved from the […]

Lunar Mission One – An Introduction

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“Lunar Mission One is the most inspirational Moon project since the Apollo landings. Funded by the public it will perform world-leading science into the origin of the Moon and the planets, and it will leave a permanent archive of human life buried at the Moon’s south pole.” ( Up until now, space exploration has been […]

Deleting off a hard drive

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In a small error in judgement you have downloaded some very unfortunate photos or files onto your phone or PC. Naturally you immediately delete it. But does it really ‘delete’? A while ago there was a scandal involving celebrities having revealing photos leaked; photos they long assumed were deleted. The ‘hackers’ had simply made a […]

The 21st Century – The Turning Point?

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Today, science is developing at an incredible rate, and offers promising prospects in the future, including: in medicine, in nano-, cyber-, and biotechnology, in communication, and perhaps the most exciting of all, mankind’s ascension into outer space. However, as well as these enthralling benefits, any scientific or technological progression often results in a drawback. Any […]