Remote Poster Competition 2019: Winners Announced!

We were delighted to receive entries from young people all over the world in our first ever YSJ Remote Poster Competition! A book prize and YSJ t-shirt will be awarded to the First Place posters for each of the Life Sciences and Physical Sciences categories. Young people from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and Zimbabwe entered posters displaying their scientific research, and the results are now in…

Life Sciences

First Place

Dhruv Pai, 15, USA

Second Place

Ondrea Sajini Amandhi Mathews, 20, USA:

Third Place

Clare Sparling, 17, USA

Physical Sciences

First Place

Macdonald Chirara, 19, Zimbabwe

Electricity from living water hyacinth enhanced biogas production (poster cannot be shared due to intellectual property restrictions)

Second Place

Jason Chen, 17, USA

Third Place

Marcellus George Augustine, 20, UK

\”The adjudicators were highly impressed with all the posters submitted, choosing a winner was extremely difficult! Each poster was unique and demonstrated excellent evaluation skills – with each author applying their research to the \’bigger picture\’. It was also great to see entries submitted from scientists all across the world from different ages and backgrounds. A massive well done to all authors!\”

Adam Khan-Qureshi, Executive Research Editor and Head Judge

Congratulations to all of the entrants and winners!

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