Information For Donors & Sponsors



Young Scientists Journal is proud to be supported by a number of individuals and organisations who give their time, expertise and funding in a number of different ways.  We call them “PASS” which stands for Partners, Ambassadors, Sponsors and Supporters.

Our Partners are organisations we’ve linked with which share our mission of encouraging young people to engage in science research whilst still at school.

Ambassadors are scientists, science communications and educators who endorse the journal through their own speaking and writing opportunities.  Some are more actively involved mentoring students in our teams with IT, marketing or editorial advice.

However, as a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on help for our costs, such as printing and outreach to schools.

There are 4 main ways you can support or sponsor us, listed below, though we’re always happy to consider other ideas!  Please get in touch with [email protected].

1. The publication itself:
a) Provide endorsement for publication (and events)
b) Provide publicity to both parties on: websites, publications, newsletters, social media
c) Themes for issues or parts of issues that can be dedicate to your PASS organisation
d) Opportunities for sponsored content, shared logos, blogging, interviews

NB. As a student journal, we don’t ask PASS organisations to contribute to our content directly, but we’re happy to accept writing by students associated with them.

2. Roles at conferences:
a) Speaking
b) Exhibiting
c) Sponsoring, e.g. travel bursaries, prizes
d) Opportunities to network and advertise

3. Competitions
a) YSJournal sometimes runs competitions jointly with PASS organisations
b) Fund the prizes
c) Assist with publicity
d) Provide additional kudos to winners and to the journal
4. Placements, internships and work experience opportunities
a) For contributors to the journal
b) Provide opportunities for students
c) Possible advertisement opportunities and/or be endorsed in be publication and/or on website