Issue 17

Issue 17 – Royal Society Special 2015



Editorial by Ed Vinson, Chief Editor

Foreword by Sir Paul Nurse

A Future for Green Plastics?
from Prior Park College & Paragon Junior School, Bath

Car Crash Physics
Lockerbie Academy, Dumfries and Galloway

Experimenting with Low Tem Plasma
Loreto College, Manchester

Younger Scientists Journal – Work by Primary Schools

A Raspberry Pi Weather Balloon
Redland Green School, Bristol

How Does School Affect your brain waves
The Misbourne School, Buckinghamshire

Algae, The Answer to Our, Food, Pharmaceutical and Energy Needs
Sir Roger Manwood’s School, Kent

The Enigma of Cosmic Rays
Bordesley Green Girls’ School, Brimingham

Interview with Lord Rees

How does stretching help us do sport
Brompton Academy, Kent

Smells Like Teen Shampoo
Dornoch Academy, Northern Scotland

Essential Oils, the answer to antibiotic resistance
Boroughbridge High School, North Yorkshire

Do sports drinks really work
Brompton Academy, Kent

Philosophical Transactions: a Historical Perspective
Valentine Bailey-Beckett

Horse Chestnut trees
La Sainte Union Catholic High School, Highgate, London

The Darkling Beetle for Exploring “–omic” Science.
Liverpool Life Sciences UTC, Liverpool

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