YSJ Issue 1

Table of Contents Young Scientists Journal
2008 | January-February | Volume 1 | Issue 1


Next generation of Dreamliner – blended wing body aircraft

Gao Peng Cheng

Firepower: A brief history and the science of firearms

Malcolm Morgan

God and the Constants of Nature

Craig Sawyer

Relativity, the twin paradox and black holes

Malcolm Morgan

Intelligent Design: Science or Religion?

Timothy H.T Leung

The Duty of Communication: Why scientists have an obligation to inform the public of their discoveries

Timothy H.T Leung

The hidden cause of global warming – PLANTS!

Alex Allen

The Science of the Stars: The Power of Gravity

Malcolm Morgan

The Atkins diet – Pros and Cons

Jolyon Martin

The next influenza pandemic: Is it inevitable?

Kate Roberts


What if the weather in London during late July 1929 had been hot?

Kate Roberts

What if the Earth were a Satellite to another Planet?

Chris Barry

What If There Were No Such Thing as a Hydrogen Bond?

Rob Watson

What if Ethics never interfered with science?

Timothy Leung

What if the earth had no moon?

Alice Gerth

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