YSJ Issue 8

Table of Contents Young Scientists Journal 2010 | January-December | Volume 3 | Issue 8

Special Issue on Nanotechnology


Editorial [pg.1]

Malcolm Morgan

Nanotechnology special issue editor’s note [pg.2]

Muna Oli


Introduction to nanotechnology [pg.3]

Muna Oli

Interview with Dr. Andrew Maynard [pg.7]

Muna Oli

Sunscreen: A catch-22 [pg.11]

Cole Blum, Samantha Larsen

Synthetic, ‘inorganic DNA’ as a means to high-density molecular electronics [pg.15]

Matthew Kapelewski

Aptamer conjugated gold nanorods for targeted nanothermal radiation of Glioblastoma cancer cells (A novel selective targeted approach to cancer treatment) [pg.18]

Muna Oli

Increasing the efficiency of a hybrid polymer photovoltaic cell with polymer nanofiber complexes of varied thickness [pg.26]

Nathan Monroe

Antibody-coated magnetic nanoparticles: Targeting and treating cancer [pg.33]

Philip Schlenoff

Synthesis of fluorescent silica nanoparticles conjugated with rgd peptide for detection of invasive human breast cancer cells [pg.37]

Shamik Mascharak

YOUNG SCIENTIST NOTESBuilding from the ground up: Nanostructures to microstructures [pg.42] Steve Noyce


The best six days ever [pg.46]

Courtney Williams

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