YSJ Issue 9

Table of Contents
Young Scientists Journal
2011 | January-July | Volume 4 | Issue 9 Issue 9EDITORIALSEditorial [pg.1] Pamela Barazza Flores Cleodie Swire CLIMATE CHANGESBio-diesel and Bio-gas: Alternatives of the present [pg.4] Aiswarjya Mahapatra, Rit Nanda Climate change: Our choice [pg.7] Nick Hilton Harnessing the power of radioactivity [pg.10] Naomi Robertson Noctilucent clouds or polar mesospheric clouds [pg.13] Gustavo Bonilla Can nuclear power save the climate? [pg.16] Christopher Loyn Can space-based solar power save the climate? [pg.20] Jamie Faure Can “terra preta” be used to combat climate change? [pg.24] Kristi Lui Top ten easy-read books on climate change [pg.28] Hannah Todd Water as an alternative fuel [pg.30] Sandy Clark RESEARCH ARTICLEDo artificial nails and nail polish interfere with the accurate measurement of oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry? [pg.33] Otana Jakpor INTERVIEWEngineers’ advice to students [pg.38] Will Goldsmith, Sam Gearing, Kim Dunn, George Harvey, Cleodie Swire

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