Senior Team

Preyasi Gaur

Chief Editor

Preyasi is a freshman at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is a Math enthusiast and enjoys the applications of the subject, especially in the financial and banking world. In her free time, she is sweating it out on the badminton court, devouring political/crime dramas, reading Agatha Christie novels, or painting canvases

Mona Alizadeh

Deputy Chief Editor: Content

Mona is an 18 year old student reading Physics at Imperial College London. She loves reading and is passionate about science communication. In her free time she enjoys playing the piano, rowing and hiking.

Federico Galbiati

Deputy Chief Editor: Personnel and Relations

Federico is a Computer Science undergraduate student in the USA. He has experience in software engineering, robotics, autonomous vehicles, satellite artificial intelligence, rocketry, and more. Outside school, he taken part in STEM clubs and activities such as VEX robotics, AIAA competitions, the ACM, and IEEE initiatives. In his free time he enjoys cooking food, doing sports, playing tennis with friends, and watching movies.


Editorial Team

Ailís Keyes

Head of Editorial

Ailís is an aspiring meteorologist currently based in Ireland. They have been involved with the Young Scientists Journal since 2019, and have loved every second of it. Outside of academics, they are an avid music fan and guitar player.

Christina Peng

Editorial Executive For Physical Sciences

Christina, 17, is a high school senior in Southern California. While she’s not reviewing articles for YSJ, Christina loves playing chess and writing poems, clish-clashing words like kitchen pots to brew the perfect story. Her dream is to blend her passion for storytelling with scientific research to champion youth in STEM.

Hritika Chaturvedi

Executive For Biological Sciences

Hritika is an undergrad at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) studying computational and systems biology, with a minor in entrepreneurial studies. When she’s not contributing to the fields of science communication and STEM advocacy, she enjoys hiking, playing the flute, and doing photography.

Hazal Kara

Co-editorial Executive For Physical Sciences

Hazal (she/they) is a 16 year old high school student in Istanbul, Turkey. She is passionate about advocating for social justice, expanding her knowledge in physics and astronomy, and creating new worlds in her head and on paper. When not working on something related to the YSJ, climate activism, or schoolwork, they can be found reading articles on various fascinating topics in cosmology, astrobiology, particle physics, mathematics and philosophy. They’re currently a cat mom of three.

Production Team

Maggie Yao

Head of Production

Maggie was born in Nebraska, but now spends her days being afraid of the cold in California. She loves mathematics, physics, and design, and how they can be applied to future innovations. She is a very curious person, always excited to talk to other people about where science can take us and hopes to explore that more at YSJ!

Flynn Cowell

Production Executive

Flynn builds and manages all our systems, and is an enthusiastic programmer and young scientist. In his spare time he likes to run, watch films and listen to music.

Nishka Srivastava

Production Executive: Creative

Nishka is a life sciences enthusiast from India, who is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree. She is a skilled communicator and debater, and a passionate and curious aspiring scientist. She enjoys meeting and working with peers from around the world through global projects, discussions and conventions. In her free time, she loves sketching, and practicing martial arts. She also loves to read- she’s always open to a book recommendation!

Marketing Team


Head Of Marketing

Jaynie is in her last year of school studying maths, further maths and physics. She has been at the journal since 2020 ,loves challenging herself through problem solving and enjoys meeting new people. Outside of school she enjoys reading, running and writing articles.

Yachna Dhir

Marketing Executive: Newsletter

Yachna is a student based in the UK, who joined the YSJ team in 2019. She has a strong interest in technology, computing and mathematics, as well as science communication. In her free time, she can be seen reading, watching movies or engaging in sports like swimming and badminton.

Resilience Team


Resilience Executive

Ahitagni leads a non-profit called infinith which aims to use research and develop to build solutions to SDGs. He primarily interested in theoretical physics and astronomy and mathematical analyses. In His free time, He like reading, listening to music (Charlie Burg, Black Sea Dahu, and …) and playing His guitar, and writing.

Ja’Lani Foster

Head of Resilience

Ja’Lani is an active STEAMinist and Art-ivist who applies her passions to science, art, empowerment, and beyond! She is a high school student from North America. She loves working at the journal as Head of Resilience as it provides direct impact to students, science, advocacy, and learning!

Kaustubh Sonawane

Resilience Executive: Systems

Kaustubh is a high school senior from Plano, Texas with a passion for computer science and entrepreneurship. Over the past 3 years, he has been actively involved in the scientific community through original research and has received national and international recognition for his work. In his spare time, he enjoys competing in hackathons and pitch competitions.

Outreach Team

Prajna Nair

Co-Head Of Outreach

Prajna Nair is a college student currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. She enjoys anything to do with physics and cosmology. Her other interests include reading, writing and debate.

Maja Olma

Co-Head Of Outreach

Maja is a high school student from Poland, currently residing in a boarding school in England. Passionate about philosophy, forensic science, neurology, space medicine and literature, she finds new topics to obsess about everyday. What she loves most about her role in YSJ is the constant brainstorming needed to create new events. In her spare time, she thinks about the absurdity of life and procrastinates on important school deadlines.