Senior Team

Jaynie Shah

Chief Editor

Jaynie is the chief editor who is a first year technology apprentice. She has been at the journal for over two years now, starting as a word-press admin but over the two years Jaynie has worked in multiple departments including editorial and marketing.  As Chief, she is excited to grow the journal  by working with all members in the team. Outside of the journal, Jaynie enjoys running, being in nature and is currently learning French.

Cayman Osei-bonsu

Deputy Chief Editor

Cayman is the Deputy Chief Editor for YSJ and a chemistry undergraduate. He previously worked as a senior editor for two years in the journal and now works alongside multiple departments. He is keen for the journal to succeed in all areas. In his free time, he enjoys karate and reading.



Hardik Kohli

Head Of Editorial

Shloak Rathod

Editorial Executive


 Shloak is the executive editor (physical sciences) and a senior in high school. He has been at the journal for about a year, starting as a senior editor for computer science. Outside of the journal, Shloak is a researcher at PathCheck Foundation (MIT) and the University of Maryland Medical Intelligent Imaging Center. In his free time, you will find him at a hackathon, working on new research, or playing FIFA.


Nabil Alizadeh

Editorial Executive

Nabil is an A-level student based in London, with a strong passion for Biology, particularly ecology and biodiversity. He enjoys spending time with nature in the outdoors, especially with animals. In his free time, he plays competitive tennis and dabbles on the international junior tour.


Asmita Anand

Head Of Marketing

Yachna Dhir

Marketing Executive

Yachna is a student based in the UK, who joined the YSJ team in 2019. She has a strong interest in technology, computing and mathematics, as well as science communication. In her free time, she can be seen reading, watching movies or engaging in sports like swimming and badminton.


Daniel Tu

Marketing Executive

Daniel is a marketing executive currently overseeing social media at the Journal. He is passionate about science and is interested in the intersections of research, medicine, and public policy. In his free time, Daniel enjoys listening to podcasts, going for walks, and learning new skills.




Head Of Production

Nishka heads the production department, and studies molecular biology and neuroscience at the University of Toronto. She has been with the journal for three years, and in that time has overseen the growth and diversification of various departments across the organisation. Outside of her biology coursework, she is involved in multiple research projects, and is pursuing an English minor. In her free time, she enjoys writing, photography, and tennis.

Josh Leach

Technical Lead

Josh is Lead Web Publisher For The YSJ, he also helps build and maintain the systems with the production department. He Started 4 years ago as a WordPress Admin, and has developed his skills within the journal over that time – some of his handy work includes the current website, and behind the scenes Article Submission Systems.

Outside of YSJ he is a student programmer and cybersecurity enthusiast. He enjoys the outdoors, and loves rock climbing.

Kuzey Kantarcıoğlu

Production Executive

Kuzey is a high school student and a production executive at the Journal. Passionate about physics and computer science, he spends his tinkering with coding and robotics projects and learning about algorithms and machine learning theory. His enthusiasm for language-learning has lead him to learn Japanese, Italian and German. As an aspiring musician, he sings in his school choir and plays guitar, trumpet and drums.

Flynn Cowell

Production Executive


Harry Cordeaux

Head Of Outreach

Harry is the head of outreach for YSJ. Having been a part of the team for almost three years, he has played a part in almost all aspects of the journal including notably, the organisation and leadership of the 2021-23 conferences and heading up the videography team. Outside of the journal, he is currently taking his A-Levels in STEM and Humanities and is a keen science communicator. Further to this he enjoys water sports, theatre tech production, filmaking and cooking.



Production Executive

Human Resources

Manya Sharma

Head Of HR

Manya is the head of HR and a newsletter writer in the journal who is currently doing her A Levels. She has been a part of YSJ for over a year, starting in the outreach department as the subject ambassador for maths. Outside the journal, Manya can be found swimming, painting and reading mystery novels. 


Rishi Viswanath

HR Executive


Ayden Ng

Head Of Resilience

Ayden is high school senior from NYC, USA. He is fascinated with the intersection between technology and medicine, and takes much pride in developing AI/ML prototypes to solve issues in the biology field. In fact, as a former editorial executive, he loved to read all the great manuscripts that are submitted to YSJ. Outside of academics, Ayden enjoy playing basketball, watching movies, and exploring the world!