Outreach Team

Elizabeth Barek

Head of Outreach and Ambassador for Chemistry

Elizabeth,17, is a sixth form IB student based in London, England studying Chemistry, Biology, Geography, English, Maths & Japanese. She is interested in Chemistry & Astronomy – hoping to work in Astrochemistry & Chemistry research in the future. In her free-time, she plays Netball & Rugby, volunteers at her local Girlguiding group & travels.

Cara Nicholson

Ambassador for Chemistry

Cara is a 19-year-old student from St Andrews in Scotland. She is studying a degree in chemistry at the University of St Andrews and is starting her third year in September. Outside of her studies she has worked as an ambassador for STEM, Nuffield and CREST, and she aims to work in such an organisation when she graduates.

Elizabeth Neri

Ambassador for Medicine

Elizabeth is 17 years old and lives in London. She going into her final year of Sixth form studying Maths, Biology, Chemistry and English Literature A-Levels. She enjoys sports, exploring and science and hopes to become a doctor in the near future.

Joanna Doliwa

Ambassador for Biology

18-year old UWC Poland scholar, currently being a boarding student at Downside School near Bath. Her main science interests are neuroscience and quantum biology besides which she is passionate about playing the violin.

Tushar Bhudi

Ambassador for Materials Science

Tushar Bhudia is currently a 17 year old studying maths, further maths, physics and chemistry A-levels at Beal High School. A school and sixthform in East London. Tushar is interested in materials science and plans to pursue it to a Ph.D. level and plans to hopefully make advancements to the field.

Muhammad Choudhary

Hub Reporter

Muhammad is an aspiring young scientist who promotes his knowledge and passion for STEM across the region. He is enthusiastic about sciences and in particular enjoys the study of biochemistry and medicine. Utilising his skills, he is working on his CREST Silver Award He is the winner of the National Geological Society’s Plate Tectonics Competition. His hobbies include reading, swimming and photojournalism. Based in Manchester, England.

Muhammad Tayyab Muhajid

Ambassador to Pakistan

Tayyab is a highly driven and motivated Mechanical Engineer from Pakistan. He is an extrovert person with fierce determination and excellent academic achievement. He is a researcher in the field of Rocket Propulsion. He tends to solve the greatest unsolved mysteries of the universe and take humanity to the unseen heavens above.

Omodolapo Bolinda

Ambassador to England

Dolapo is 15 years old and is in year 11  in the UK. She is also the Young Scientists Journal Ambassador for England. She is really passionate about philosophy and science. She enjoys playing the violin, reading and the arts in her spare time.

Caroline Chen

Ambassador to the USA

Caroline, 19, is a student at Columbia University in NYC who aims to positively influence her community by pursuing scientific innovations and advancing communication. She is honored to be part of the inspiring YSJ team, and enjoys conducting research, volunteering, and learning new languages.

Roberto Parisi

Ambassador to Italy

Roberto, 19, is a medical student at the University of Salerno (Italy) who is really interested in science communication, especially if it is made by young students. He has participated into several international competitions and he was a finalist in the RCSU Science Challenge 2018. He is particularly keen on genetics, astrobiology and human anatomy and believes that being part of the outreach team gives him the opportunity to keep science spreading. 

Wael G. Mohamed

Ambassador to Egypt

Wael Gamal is a senior student at STEM high school for boys. He is 17 years old and lives currently at Cairo, Egypt. Wael is interested in STEM fields in general and specifically Computer Science and aims to major in CS in his undergraduate college program.

Jeongwoo Park

Ambassador to France

Jeongwoo is a 16-year-old based in Paris, where he attends an international high school. He pursues the IB diploma where he takes two sciences, mathematics, and English at higher level. Outside of school, he participates in laboratory research, founded the medicine society, and has a personal website where he creates revision guides, videos, and more education resources. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, photography, and making music.

Sharon Ramusi

Ambassador to Africa

Sharon Ramusi is a hardworking student from Queen Elizabeth High School based in Zimbabwe, she loves all things science including the field of Engineering such as aeronautical engineering, biomedical engineering, software engineering and Mathematics. Sharon has a passion for helping people and spreading STEM to many other young people. In her spare time, she likes to read novels, engage in science experiments and loves running.

Martand Bhagavatula

Ambassador to the USA

High school junior residing in Los Angeles, USA. He has been a regular and senior editor for YSJ since 2017
prior to working in outreach. His interests range from environmental science to biology, with an emphasis
within the development of cancer treatments using stem cells. His prior publications concern neuroscience and Metabolic Imaging of Tumor Heterogeneity. He also runs a non-profit organization which holds youth-run events, like donations to hand out to local pediatric hospitals.


Omar Yasser

Ambassador to Egypt

Based in Egypt, Omar is a STEM high school student and currently finishing his last year. His interests include programming, pure math, reading, playing chess and watching movies. As a proud YSJ member, he is excited to get others involved in this community!

Tarun Martheswaran

Ambassador to USA

Tarun Martheswaran is a 16 years old student from Draper, USA. Thanks to his passion, he has learned advanced courses and competed in several renowned competitions. For the past two years, Tarun has been chosen as one of six, from over 400, to participate in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and this year he won a prize in Computational Biology. He is the CEO of a non-profit organization called Mission Math Utah that raises awareness for competitions among elementary and middle school events. 

Esther Thomet

Ambassador to Switzerland

Esther is 17 years old and based in Zurich, Switzerland. Her favourite subjects are math, chemistry and biology. In her free time she enjoys dancing and running. She is passionate about science and is excited to get others involved in the YSJ community!

Jennifer Miess

Ambassador to Germany

Jenny, 18, is a German ambassador for YSJ. After having graduated high school last year, she spent a gap year at the Weizmann science camp in Israel and volunteering in Peru. She’ll start her medicine studies in Berlin soon and is looking forward to this next step towards a career in science!

Daniel Wilkes

Ambassador to England

Dan Wilkes is a 16 years old student based in Midlands, UK. Interested in quite everything, he really like maths and getting young people interested in research in all of science. When he is not doing maths, you can find him playing music and he especially loves playing big band trombone.

Tanmoy Pramanik

Ambassador to Bangladesh

Tanmoy is 17 years old and currently studying in Higher Secondary level.He is interested in the STEM subjects. As a proud member of Young Scientists Journal, he wants to spread the elegant happiness of perceiving science to the young.Based in Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Tanya Singh

Ambassador to India

Tanya Singh is a non-binary poet, essayist & editor from Chandigarh, India. They are the author of Heaven is Only a Part of Our Body Where All the Sickness Resides (Ghost City Press, 2018). Their work appears in Rust+Moth, Glass: A Journal of Poetry and Rising Phoenix Review, and been recognized by the Best of the Net 2018 nomination, Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs, among other places. They are also the founder & editor-in-chief of The Cerurove, a literary and arts journal.

Chelsea Okezie-Akwiwu

Ambassador to Nigeria

Chelsea Okezie-Akwiwu, 16, is a Canterbury-based A levels student that lives in Lagos, Nigeria. She aspires to become a Chemical Engineer and is especially interested in improving the viability of renewable energy schemes and making them more accessible to developing countries.

Aaron Sarkar

Ambassador to Canada

Aaron Sarkar is a grade 12 student at Holy Heart of Mary High School in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. His strong passion in science stems from his belief that knowledge is power. This has motivated him to pursue a STEM entrepreneurship-based career in the future. Many academic programs have empowered him as a student leader, currently in the midst of starting his own company and organization.

Janavi Shanmuganathan

Conference Organiser

Janavi is 16 years old and lives in the UK. She is currently at secondary school in North London studying for her A Levels, with the interest of going into Medicine at university. Her interest in medicine stems from the fact that it is a constantly advancing field that offers the opportunity to make a significant difference to individuals’ lives and she aspires to advocate for improved healthcare in developing countries in the future.

Rebecca Baron

Ambassador to Canada

Rebecca Baron is a scientist and innovator who is passionate about improving public health and global literacy. She is currently attending the University of British Columbia to receive her BSc in Global Resource Systems.

Ravinder Kaur

Ambassador for Medicine

Ravinder is an Undergraduate student, based in UK. She is a passionate individual who is determined to make an impact to the wider society. Contributing to the community is always her top priority, and being able to fulfil that ambition as an Ambassador of Medicine is the icing on the cake! Ravinder loves playing sport and networking with new people. Furthermore, she is always willing to try new activities and adventures.

Aarav Patel

Ambassador for Physics

Aarav is currently an 11th grader at Valencia High School located in Los Angeles. In school, some of his favorite subjects include Math, Physics, and Chemistry.  Outside of school, he loves to research physics and is a member of the Robotics club at his school. In addition, he is an avid participant in speech and debate and often travels around the US to compete at tournaments. Aarav’s goal is to be an electrical engineer when he grows up and he plans to pursue his passion for physics at the university level.

Razan AlMusaed

Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Razan is a high school senior from Saudi Arabia. She is enthusiastic about modern science and teaching it to students of a younger age. She prefers spending her free time volunteering in science fairs.

Ilse De la Rosa

Ambassador to Mexico

Ilse De la Rosa is a 17-year-old student currently studying her second year of International Baccalaureate. She wants to become a research scientist in the field of Biomolecular Medicine. Besides that, in her school, she is an advocate of mental health and raising awareness of climate change. Based in Monterrey, Mexico.

Rund Alsaleh

Ambassador for Computer Science

Rund is an 18 years old student from Saudi Arabia pursuing her bachelor’s degree in the technology field. She’s deeply interested in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics, in addition to Artificial Intelligence. She enjoys attending and participating in supplemental courses and conferences to enrich her knowledge in multiple industries. She was also a part of the 1MILLION Coders initiative by Udacity, as well as “Saudi Codes” initiative to get background information about the technology field before deciding to pursue her bachelors in it.

Parsa Nayyara

Ambassador to Indonesia

Parsa Nayyara is a 15-year-old high school student from Indonesia. Her passion in science encourages her to keep exploring and deepen her understanding on many different fields. Her current interest includes organic chemistry, physics, and biomaterials.

Ideja Bajra

Ambassador for Biochemistry

Ideja is a 16 year old, aspiring biochemist who is starting Sixth Form in September. She has wanted to become a scientist since she was 7 years old. If you don’t find her reading or writing, you will find her spreading her love for science online (or performing science experiments), or visiting her family in Kosovo.

Muhammad Bilal Mujahid

Ambassador to Pakistan

Bilal is a 19 years old and currently studying Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. He wants to pursue his career in Autonomous Vehicles. His interest areas are Astronomy, Quantum Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Siddharth Malhotra

Ambassador to India

Siddharth is a 17 years old student based in Chandigarh, India. Currently in 11th grade, he is actually preparing for a very tough national level exam known as IIT-JEE. He is interested in all the sections of science even though his favourite fields are astrophysics and cosmology. Some of his hobbies are singing, reading books and sky gazing.

Prajna Nair

Ambassador for Physics

Prajna Nair is an 11th grader from India,who enjoys reading detective fiction and debate activities.She loves physics, especially cosmology, but hasn’t won the debate about the meaning of life, the universe and everything yet. She does aim to try, though.Her other interests include quizzing,writing and swimming.

Amini Mbughi

Ambassador to Tanzania

Amini Mbughi is based in Morogoro, Tanzania. He is taking Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Da Es Salaam University. He was born in 1998 and he went at Nyandeo primary and secondary school. He studied his A-levels at Ilboru High school. He is more interested in physics and mathematics. He is ready working in all the scientific areas together with the team members. 


Chinmayi Balusu

Lead Ambassador to North/South America​

Chinmayi is a 16-year-old undergraduate student at Columbia University and based in the United States. She is passionate about hands-on research in the life sciences and also actively advocates for girls in STEM. She enjoys playing soccer, practicing taekwondo, and reading medical fiction.

Michael Flynn​

Ambassador to Ireland

Michael is 17 and from the west of Ireland. He has an interest in physics, mathematics and chemistry and wants to study engineering as he enjoys working with machines and designing machinery and robots. In his free time, he likes to read, draw and design. He also spends his time volunteering with charities, he loves seeing the impact the work can have on the community and the wider world. He joined the journal to make an impact and help promote his passion for science in Ireland and abroad.

Shannon Rennie

Ambassador for Physics

Shannon is an A level student with an interest in astrophysics and the planetary sciences. Outside of academics, she enjoys coding, reading and learning languages. Based in London, England.

Kathi Thome

Ambassador to Tanzania

Kathi (Katharina) is a 14 year old student from Germany. She is attending to the ninth form of grammar school. Her favourite subjects are science (environmental science), music and sports. In her free time she likes to dance, to read and to meet her friends.

Akorede Kalejaiye

Ambassador to Africa

Akorede is budding materials scientist and a data science enthusiast with a BSc. in Physics. He plans to use his background and experience to provide solutions to problems we face in our world.

Sathvika Krishnan

Ambassador for Biology

Devanshi Gugani

Ambassador to Singapore

Devanshi Guglani, 17, is a high school student at UWCSEA, Singapore. She is enthusiastic about STEM as the Chair of her school’s Physics Society, an award-winning mathematician, and recipient of an honorable in the New York Times STEM Contest. This year, she will be conducting research regarding space technologies at CERN, Geneva, and hopes to further her education and passion for the sciences in the future.