Emily Cummins comes to Canterbury

Emily Cummins is coming to Canterbury for the Arkwright Scholarship and we hope to interview her along with some others here is a list

1.       Mike Percival in particular (as you have probably seen) wants to be interviewed promptly at 5:30 since he is making the evening presentation at 6:30pm.  He is interesting for his work on single crystal casting and thermo-forming of Titanium fan blades which keeps RR at the pinnacle of aero-engine technology.

2.       Emily is of course interesting in terms of her “Alternative Technology” ‘Fridge keeping drugs at 7 deg C in Africa with no energy input.

3.       Kirti and Chris must be seen together – they make parts of the Eurofighter and might be restricted in what they can say.

4.       Nick Showen is interesting in terms of his fully automated local CNC machining factory – input from internet – auto nesting, machining & even box making system.

5.       Brian Blandford is interesting as the designer of Night Vision goggles, Head-up displays etc. and as an author of textbooks on optics.

6.       Rob Harris is interesting in being someone for whom the Arkwright scholarship launched his career and he does some interesting “Green Building technology”

7.       Andrew Parr is interesting in terms of his work on electronic control of red-hot steel travelling at 60mph through rollers in a Steel Mill and as an author of textbooks on electronic control systems.


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