Oxygen envelops Saturn\’s icy moon

A Nasa spacecraft has detected oxygen around one of Saturn\’s icy moons, Dione.The discovery supports a theory that suggests all of the moons near Saturn and Jupiter might have oxygen around them.Researchers say that their finding increases the likelihood of finding the ingredients for life on one of the moons orbiting gas giants.The study has been published in Geophysical Research Letters. According to co-author Andrew Coates of University College London, Dione has no liquid water and so does not have the conditions to support life. But it is possible that other moons of Jupiter and Saturn do. \”Some of the other moons have liquid oceans and so it is worth looking more closely at them for signs of life,\” Prof Coates said. The discovery was made using the Cassini spacecraft, which flew by Dione nearly two years ago. Instruments on board the unmanned probe detected a thin layer of oxygen around the moon, so thin that scientists prefer to call it an \”exosphere\” rather than an atmosphere. But the discovery is important because it suggests there is a process at work around the solar system\’s gas giants, Saturn and Jupiter, in which oxygen is released from their icy satellites.



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