The ISS Hits Trouble

The crew on-board the ISS have been busy with a series of space walks to fix a cooling error on the ISS. The first space walk took place today (22/12) and finished at about 12:30 BST. The next space walk will take place on Monday (at roughly 7:10am EDT) and will also be aired live on NASA TV.

The aim of the space walks are to remove the faulty pump module and replace it with the spare. One of the Astronauts, Wakata will be maneuvering the arm whilst the other astronaut, Mastracchio is attatched to the arm.
If necessary, NASA have planned a Christmas day spacewalk  to finalise the installation of the spare pump module. If this happens, this will be the first time since 1974, in the Skylab space station. So the astronauts could retrieve film from a telescope and photograph Comet Kohoutek.
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