The reintroduction of hypnosis

The Science behind hypnosis isn’t necessarily figured out as there is still very much a phenomenon. However, the general idea of hypnotism has recently been reintroduced here in the U.K through Derren Brown. He captivated the country by sticking the audience to their seats,(literally), his success without supposed subliminal messaging is great for the typical spectator, but mind boggling for us who want to know how he did. Do some digging through the web and start off with these links.


2 thoughts on “The reintroduction of hypnosis”

  1. I am the same as you and until recently I had no idea why i was like this.I was diagnosed as having Auditory Processing Disorder, which means I have a listening problem but that leads on to other realted issues such as word recall problems when speaking or writing, and problems with getting the words I want to use in the correct order when under stress. I also can not read from a prepared text or reading aloud.I am good at research and explaining thingds one to one or may be to a group maximum size of 3 people.For more information there I have added a few links below, and you might find the Adult APD forum a useful source of support and information

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