The Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Begin…

Amidst the criticism and disputes, the Paralympic opening ceremony is underway in Sochi. Unaware to a lot of people the IPC (The International Paralympic Committee)contribute a lot to science and here\’s why:

Countless sports for people with impairment have changed drastically over the last few years with public awareness ever increasingSochi-2014. London 2012 also left a huge benefit for the United Kingdom.
From the 1970\’s, many researchers began to show more interest in developing sport for people with impairments. Sport Science, as it\’s now known is the scientific field that studies human movement with the aim of improving performance in sport at last found its application in Paralympic sport. This field incorporates research in areas such as physiology, psychology, biomechanics, performance analysis, sports technology and nutrition.
From 1993 the IPC had its first Sport Science Committee to emphasise it\’s commitment to the advancement of Paralympic Sport. Since then this research has been a vital part of the IPC.
In January 2011, the IPC Sport Science Committee published the \”Handbooks of Sports Medicine and Science\”. This was the IPC\’s first comprehensive guide to athletes providing practical information on the impacts medical and biological factors that can impact their performance in Sport. The book also gives a comprehensive guide as to how science can help the athletes overcome their disabilities in the best possible way.
Research of the IPC
The IPC has committed themselves to furthering research for the Paralympic Movement. This covers a wide area and definitely isn\’t limited to Paralympic Sport. It covers areas such as disability sport classification, sport counselling, prosthetics and the development of the Paralympic Movement.
So let the games begin!

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