Tomatoes combat cancer

Tomatoes and other lycopene-containing fruit and vegetables have been shown to lower the risk of renal cancer in women. The study looked at over 90,000 women throughout the last 20 years, where the amounts of different vitamins and nutrients were estimated from the data provided in the questionnaires on their diets and supplement use.
Throughout the period approximately 400 women were diagnosed with the disease, but after evaluating a number of different vitamins and nutrients, only lycopene (the antioxidant which gives tomatoes, watermelon and papaya its reddish colour) was shown to have any relationship with the occurrence of the disease.
The conclusion was that those women who ate the highest amounts of lycopene had a 45% lower risk of kidney cancer than those who ate the lowest amounts. So there’s yet another reason to pick up some watermelon for the summer!

5 thoughts on “Tomatoes combat cancer”

    1. Claire Nicholson

      Hi – I’m slightly confused as to what you mean? I’ve had a quick read through your post and it seems fine????

  1. hey !
    why only ” tomatoes combat cancer ” and why not other lycopene rich foods such as watermelon, guavas, papaya etc .
    Article is absolutely fine but i want the explaination of the heading to why is it written so ? if other foods mentioned above are also rich in lycopene .

  2. Julia Edsparr

    Hi Nasreen, “Lycopene-rich fruit combat cancer” is, in my opinion, not only a confusing title for someone who doesn’t know what lycopene is, but also rather heavy. Considering tomatoes are one of the most common and widely eaten of those fruit, I decided to use them in the title, and include other examples in the text. I hope this answers your question. Julia

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