2016/17 Senior Team and Vision Announced

Young Scientists Journal – the world’s peer review science journal, written, edited and produced by 12-20 year olds – are delighted to introduce its new senior team and vision for the 2016/17 academic year.
Our new Chief Editor and Team Leaders are as follows:

  • Michael Hofmann – Chief Editor
  • Cormac Larkin – Managing Editor
  • Stewart McGown – Head of Production
  • Abbie Wilson – Head of PR & Marketing
  • Sanjay Kubsad – Head of Outreach

m.hMichael Hofmann (19) from Canterbury, UK started his first company – a design and marketing agency – aged 16, while studying at The King\’s School, Canterbury. Since then he has become a Design Engineering student at Imperial College London’s Dyson School. Here he aims to develop the tools to work in the field of solving problems that push boundaries, inspire and can change the world for the better. Since 2014, Michael has been Creative Director of the journal, overseeing the overhaul of the journal’s brand and print design. He now steps up to become Chief Editor bringing a wealth of enthusiasm and experience.

As Chief Editor, Michael is responsible for overseeing Young Scientists Journal’s student team. Michael develops overall strategy and manages the efforts of team leaders and liaising with the journal board, mentors and ambassadors.

Senior TeamCormac Larkin (18) is a final year student in Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh in Cork City, Ireland. Cormac is also a Visiting Research Student at Armagh Observatory, working on data mining in the Small Magellanic Cloud in the search for new O stars in low metallicity environments. In his spare time he enjoys watching Mock The Week and University Challenge.
As Managing Editor, Cormac is responsible for running the editorial team. He oversees the article submission, editing and review process as well as the curation of blogs and multimedia content.
s.mStewart McGown (16) from Scotland in his penultimate year of high school. He loves both design and science and is hoping to combine the two to create a beautiful online experience for everyone involved with the Journal. He founded Twisted Core Design as a platform for his web development expertise.
As Head of Production, Stewart responsible for overseeing the final delivery of all content to our readers across print, web, mobile and events.

a.w.Abbie Wilson (17) from Scotland, currently in her last year of high school. She has been volunteering for the journal for 2 years and is passionate about engaging young people in science, particularly online. She is also the Vice Chair of Scotland\’s national youth information & citizenship charity, Young Scot.

As Head of PR and Marketing, Abbie is responsible for the promotion of the journal to readers, authors, potential team members and the general public. She oversees the journal’s brand strategy, social media, email marketing, and public relations.

Sanjay Kubsad (18) is a second year student at the University of Washington, Seattle. In his free time, he sanjay kenjoys drinking coffee and hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. He is excited to be serving in Outreach this year, and hopes to spread the Journal\’s message of increasing youth participation in science around the world.

As Head of Outreach, Sanjay manages the journal’s relationship with schools, YSJournal Hubs & Partners, organisations, and other individuals around the globe, including our alumni.


Michael Hofmann, Chief Editor 2016/17, says –

2016 represents a landmark year for the journal, celebrating 10 years since our first publication. Over this academic year we aim to lay the groundwork for the next exciting chapter. We will focus on three core areas: ‘increasing engagement’, ‘striving for operational excellence’ and ‘building the brand’.”

engagementIncreasing engagement
will ensure that the journal’s content delights and intrigues readers, generating a conversation. The team will also be working hard to overhaul the website so that it engages users in a whole new way.
In striving for operational excellence, the journal will have an increased focus on how we do things. An increase in efficiency – in article reviewing, idea development and meetings for instance – will allow an increase in the journal’s rate of growth, improve quality and better serve our young scientists.


By building the brand – through social media, outreach programmes, events and more –  the journal will become a more attractive proposition to future partners and hubs. More importantly, the journal will take another concrete step towards the ultimate aim that “any student, anywhere in the world, who has carried out some original research or wishes to share a technical idea or opinion, will to turn to Young Scientists Journal as the place to seek publication.”

“The Senior Team and I look forward to leading this incredibly diverse and dynamic group of teenagers to new heights.

We hope you’ll follow our progress on social media and on our website.”

                                                   Michael Hofmann, Chief Editor

About Young Scientists Journal
Young Scientists Journal is the world’s peer review science journal, run by young scientists for young scientists. The journal publishes research papers and review articles on Science,
Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) both online and in print, written, edited and produced exclusively by 12-20 year olds across the globe. 19 issues have been published since it was founded in 2006 at The King’s School Canterbury by Christina Astin and Ghazwan Butrous. Read more at www.ysjournal.com/about-us
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