A Short Tour of the Cryosphere

Even though most of us do not live in the polar regions or don\’t even see icebergs or ice sheets very often, no matter where you live, the snow and ice of the Earth’s cryosphere has an impact on your climate. NASA released an amazing new view of Earth\’s frozen regions today, using visual satellite date to show, among other things, how sea ice is disappearing and glaciers are shrinking. These changes in the cryosphere have had a major impact on global climate, as the crysophere is interconnected with other parts of the Earth system. Scientists are currently studying just how much the frozen places on Earth affect global warming, and the best way to view the remote icy parts of our planet is from space. This video shows satellite data in action, with striking high definition visuals and charts.
 from http://www.universetoday.com/2009/09/02/climate-change-and-earths-cryosphere/

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