A workshop on science writing…?

This idea came from a student at King\’s Canterbury.  Could Young Scientists Journal organise a workshop on science writing open to young people to attend?

Science students need to be able to write cogently, express their ideas clearly and accurately, whether they are reporting their own work or, as journalists, the work of others.  I\’d like to invite readers to help us formulate some ideas for a workshop on science writing:

Where could it be held?

Whom could we invite to speak/teach?

How many students might be involved?

Could it be made available as a webcast?

Please add your comments and suggestions.

Thank you.


1 thought on “A workshop on science writing…?”

  1. That sounds like a really good idea to me as it can be really daunting to start a long piece of writing based on science, for school or anything else. I think that a web based resource like a podcast would be the most useful so everyone who wanted to could use it whenever they needed it. Perhaps it would be nice to get some older students involved to help some younger peers?


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