Call for Papers and Articles for Special Issue: The Origin of Life


Prizes available for best 2 articles!

Deadline: 30 Jan 2011

All articles should be well referenced and all images and diagrams should be credited and permission obtained. All articles should follow Instruction to Authors of Young Scientists Journal. Length is not too important, we will try different extensions.


We are open to any relevant topic, but here are some broad headings:

  • Evolution of the cosmos
  • The pre-biotic Earth
  • The early evolution of life
  • Evolution of advanced life
  • The future?

There are lots of more detailed suggestions below.


The Butrous Foundation is generously sponsoring two prizes of US$70 (£50) for the 2 best submissions.

How to submit your article:

All articles should be well referenced and all images and diagrams should be credited and permission obtained.

For tips on how to write and submit your article, see our Instructions to Authors.  Make sure you write in your note to editors that your article is for consideration for the Origins of Life issue.

The length is not too important, we like to have a variety!

The Editor of this special issue will be Pamela Barraza ([email protected] or [email protected])


 And here are some more detailed suggestions:

Fossil DNA
      •    What is Fossil DNA?
      •    Resent Discoveries
      •    Genetics
      •    What is Biogeosciences?
      •    How is it related to the Origin of life?
       •    Important locations related to the Origin of Life
Cyanobacterial Origin
      •    Introduction to cyanobacterias
      •    Life had its origin in the sea
Endosymbiotic theory
Important theories of the origin of life
      •    Ex. Oparin
Current research development: important researchers
Darwin’s theory of evolution

  • Pre-Darwinian theories, Darwinism and Neo-Darwinism
  • Philosophical and biological idea of evaluations (Henri Bergson, Creative Evolution,  Genetic drift, Lamarckism,  Biodiversity, Intelligent design, naturalism, Abiogenesis, etc.)
  • Social effect of evolutionary theory

Synthetic Biology

  • Biology and engineering
  • Molecular Genetic
  • Social, ethical issue of Synthetic biology
  • Venter research and biography

Political, moral, philosophical and theological Issues
SETI – the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence

The Drake Equation (probability of finding life elsewhere…)

The search for extra-solar planets (a very exciting field at present, with some great physics behind it!)

The primordial soup – how the Earth\’s atmosphere was formed


How the solar system formed

The importance of the Moon in evolution (tides, the progression from sea to land animals)

The role of supernovae in generating heavier elements (needed for life)

Possibilities for non-carbon-based life

Radio telescopy and its history

Man\’s exploration of the universe (or any subset thereof!)


Some useful resources:

•       European Space Agency

Darwin Center for Biogeosciences



•       Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres , The Journal of the International Astrobiology Society



 Do you have more suggestions? Please, write them down as a comment…

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