Climate Change Competition Winners

We are pleased to announce that the winners of first round OsterMed Climate Change competition are  Jamie Faure (France, The King\’s School, Canterbury)  and  Kristi Lui (California USA, The Harker School).


Jamie’s article showed a full comprehensive understanding of the different approaches to tackling climate change with a rational appraisal of each approach.  Kristi’s article presented a novel approach of  using  Terra Preta do Indio, also known as agrichar / biochar,  to enhance the productivity of plants, and she proposed how to use this method in tackling climate change.


We wish to extend the remaining prize money for another competition.  This will be a photography competition to highlight the issue of climate change. Further details will appear on the website shortly.   The winning photograph will be on the theme of climate change and will be accompanied by an explanatory caption of 100-200 words.

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