Theme: Energy
Award: N/A
Photographer: Izzy Harris
The theme \’energy\’ gave me lots of ideas, and as a keen photographer, I was excited at the prospect of trying to present this theme in an interesting way. Fire was believed to be an element by the ancient greeks and is still associated with energy in modern day society, as it is seen as symbolic of energy and is easily accessible I chose it at the subject for my photograph. At school I used methane bubbles to create the flame and used the timer on my camera to capture the moment. The fact that I was able to do this safely demonstrates the way in which science can readily harness the power of energy, whether it be for art, powering machinery or even for something as important as running a life support machine. Energy comes in many forms and science efficiently makes use of these to better the planet we live on.As this photo was very bright after being taken, I darkened it slightly in Paint.NET. I considered cropping to focus on the flame, but I like the look of the motion of my teachers hand and left it in to give the photo a greater feel of energy.

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