How to live longer

Our body is constructed of cells. Every time a cell duplicates, it copies the DNA and the chromosome. On every chromosome there is a telomere, which is a kind of extra DNA. Every time a DNA copies itself, the chromosome/telomere gets shorter and finally when the telomere is gone, the chromosome dies. When the chromosomes in your body begin to die, your body starts to get old.
In 1950, Denmark was one of the top five countries in which the population lived the longest. In 1990 Denmark was at 20th place.
In this day and age many people are on diets, they workout and are generally healthy. But if you worry too much about ways to live longer, you might just get so stressed that you live shorter. Living unhealthily shortens your life, but so does being stressed. Because of this it might just be better not to worry so much and just be happy.
How to live forever” Mark Wexler tries to figure out how to live longer. He visits a lot of old, yet healthy, people who are trying to prolong their lives. The message in the movie is that even if you are getting older, it doesn\’t mean that you have to get weaker. The movie shows that, you are able to do the same things as before – if you want to. You have to eat healthily; you have to work out, to keep your body moving. It can be discussed if having a happier life makes your life longer. Some scientists say that a happier life will help you live longer, and some scientists says that happiness does not decide if you have a good or a bad life.
You have to live a healthy life to get old. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol and eat healthy food you can prepare with the appliances from you can buy at But you also have to remember to live a happy and social life, with a lot of friends. You have to remember to live a humanistic life.