Kids Read Science and Teens Read Science Contests!


If the promotional video didn\’t load, introducing the contest, please view it HERE.

The contest is simple–just do what I do quite often. Read a non-fiction science book and make a video! Oh, you have to be a kid or teen. Just making that clear. Age 8-12 can enter Kids Read Science and ages 13-18 can join Teens Read Science. We will be thrilled to see you all be creative and articulate. Tell us what you learned in less than five minutes.

Anyone anywhere in the world can submit an entry. We have prizes, too! But, for now, with our limited legal knowledge, we can only distribute those in the US. Don\’t worry, we\’re going to try to figure something out for everybody else.

Mostly, we want to see your enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and mathematics shine through! You have from now until 11pm Central Time on 22 September 2010 to upload the video and submit your application. That simple.

We welcome everyone from around the world to enter. Please give it a try. If you need help choosing a book, don\’t hesitate to contact me!



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