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Welcome to the Langton Faulkes group. A group dedicated to observing objects of interest. We book sessions to observe from both Hawaii and Australia. Both telescopes are 2 m (79 in) Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes.
The Australian telescope is located at siding spring obeservatry on Siding Spring Moutain 1165 metres up. About 300 miles north of Sydney.

The Hawaii telescope The Haleakala High Altitude Observatory 3000 metres up on the Haleakala mountain on the island of Maui.

If you obeserve on faulkes or are interested in observing feel free to ask questions and add us as a friend.

Attatched is an example of our images. An image of the Eagle Nebula taken on faulkes south by the team on the 14th of September.

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  1. Hoping to hear more from the Langton Faulkes team…!  Have you seen anything good recently?

  2. Hello,As C/2012 S1 ISON is approaching the “Jupiter Orbit” (I mean, the dctasnie of Jupiter from the Sun…), is there something new concerning this comet ?Are you able to confirm (or not…) that it could be a “great show” in November /December 2013 ?Thank you for the coming updates !Happy new year ! (the year of “The great comet of 2013” ?)

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